Anwar Claims Najib Wanted ‘Arrangement’ After BN Lost GE14 – Anwar Had Directed Najib To Deal With Mahathir

“He was going on and on saying this ― there are possibilities of having some sort of arrangement because we (BN) are not satisfied with the results of the election,” Anwar was quoted saying.

“Finally, I said ‘Look, I am still technically in prison… This is going to be your last call to me, after this, you are going to deal with Mahathir.’ Anwar reportedly said he had told Najib to concede defeat first before having any sort of discussion. Najib did not concede the 2018 election until the following morning on May 10.

Anwar added that he told Najib that any discussions should only come after he conceded defeat, which he did not do until the next morning. “He refused (to concede) until the next morning at around 11am – and even then he was a bit combative.

“He did indicate that he was prepared to discuss and negotiate, but I didn’t entertain this. Our mandate was very clear, we won a clear majority. “If you want to, you have to discuss with Mahathir, he kept quiet … nothing,” said Anwar.

Earlier on Monday, Najib said that only time will tell if Dr Mahathir would hand over the reins of office to Anwar as promised.

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“I know these two leaders,” Najib told Utusan Malaysia in a recent interview, adding that after hearing “all sorts of stories” about this, he would simply wait and see what happens.

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