Anwar : I Want To Be PM (1998) , I Think I Can Be PM (2008), I Am The PM (2013) , I Can Be PM In Jail (2018) , I Am The Next PM (2019) , I Got The Majority To Be PM (2020)

Anwar : I Want To Be PM (1998) , I Think I Can Be PM (2008), I Am The PM (2013) , I Can Be PM In Jail (2018) , I Am The Next PM (2019) , I Got The Majority To Be PM (2020)

Anwar has shown signs of impatience. Despite saying he would spend a year away from politics, he returned to campaign for a parliament seat just five months after his release. He was then allowed a seat in the top circle of the ruling Pakatan Harapan’s presidential council, while holding no cabinet position. He also became the chairman of a parliamentary caucus for reform and governance.

Tun Daim : Anwar Is A Liar

He had been telling the world that he will win this election. If PR were to lose, it would be because of unfair practices and mobs could then go to the streets to protest. He promised to form the government in September 2008. Everybody got jittery and many believed him.

That is his style. He is all talk and promises. Now, he tells the world he will win. But the government isn’t even responding.

Azmin Ali : For 20 Years , Every Day Anwar Will Ask ‘When Will I Be The Prime Minister?’

The former PKR deputy president said that along with many ordinary Malaysians, he had become fed up with being dragged along in the rivalry for power between Anwar and former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“The question often asked to me is, are you comfortable sitting with PAS and Umno? My answer is simple: ‘I am more confident sitting next to PAS and Umno, rather than sitting with Anwar.’

“It’s not like I have only known him for one or two days, (it has been) decades, (so) enough is enough,” Azmin was quoted as saying by Astro Awani.

The international trade and industries minister said the unhappiness had driven him to leave PKR and support the formation of a stable Perikatan Nasional government, capable of meeting the rakyat’s needs, under the leadership of Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

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“The rakyat is suffering, the rakyat is struggling, (but) every day he (Anwar) will ask ‘when will I be the prime minister?’

“That Langkawi MP (Mahathir) said, ‘just wait, give me six more months’… (Anwar disagreed) ‘set a date’,” Azmin said, alluding to the duo’s tussle for the prime minister’s post which was left unresolved until Harapan’s downfall in February.

“For 20 years, we discussed who will become prime minister, so enough.

Bung Mokhtar : Anwar Is Power Crazy

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is power crazy, the Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club (BBC) claims.

BBC deputy chairman Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin said the Opposition figure head was trying his best to undermine the strength of the ruling coalition.

Bung Mokhtar said claims by Anwar that Barisan MPs were ready to crossover was a political gimmick that showed that he was suffering from a craze for power.

Source : The Star

Anwar’s Arrogance , Power Hungry & Narcissistic Has Damaged The Image of Both PKR And Anwar’s Family – Lost The Trust of Many People

In GE-14, the people of Port Dickson elected their MP, retired rear-admiral, Danyal Balagopal Abdullah. Four months later, he voluntarily vacated his seat, for Anwar, to the consternation of his electorate. Danyal showed that his loyalty to Anwar was greater than his loyalty to the rakyat. Anwar’s arrogance has tarnished Danyal’s reputation. He has lost the trust of many people. It has also damaged the image of both PKR and Anwar’s family.

Why Impatient Self-Praising Narcissist Anwar Rushes To Return To Parliament ?

Anwar Ibrahim is another narcissist. He has been self-praising in front of his supporters, telling what a humble and great leader he is, and how he has forgiven all his enemies – including Mahathir and Najib. He also bragged about his close relationship with the royal houses and explained repetitively how the Agong (King) had pardoned his sodomy charges.

But Anwar’s biggest challenge is to show his statemanship.

Anwar Is ‘Always Crazy’ To Become PM, Says Mahathir – Too Impatient To Become Prime Minister & Do Not Have The Support

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“Anwar is always crazy for the PM’s post. He cannot be the prime minister…

Mahathir said he had decided to resign as prime minister so that Anwar could prove he had the necessary support.

“But if people still wanted me to run (for the post); if I had received more votes, I would be returned, but Anwar thought he would get it back,”

Rafidah Aziz : Anwar Should Not Be So Impatient As To Set Timelines To Effect The Transition & Takeover

“No one should be so impatient as to set timelines to effect the transition and takeover. That so called timeline itself has become a source of debate and contention,” she wrote in an opinion piece in business paper The Edge yesterday.

The veteran politician, who was Anwar’s Cabinet colleague during Mahathir’s first term in power more than two decades ago, said the priority now should be to rebuild the nation after “a decade of erosion”.

“Today, we seem to allow ourselves to be preoccupied with the ‘transition of power’, forgetting the ultimate power of The Almighty to determine and decide.

Tun Daim : Impatient Young Ones Pushing For Anwar

He attributed the pressure to impatience among young politicians, not Anwar, describing the de facto PKR leader as a polished and experienced politician.

“Sometimes in any political party there are those that are impatient. It’s the young fellows that are in a hurry, like most young people, which you also must accept,” he told reporters.

“They are the ones that are impatient, not Anwar. Anwar understands the political situation very clearly. Anwar knows what the people think,” Daim said.

Azmin Adviser Tells Anwar : Retire from Politics & Let Go of PKR Presidency – “Only an Inch left but Anwar is Impatient”

“In the run-up to GE14, he was portrayed as the seventh prime minister. After GE14, Anwar is certain to be the eighth prime minister as there is apparently an agreement. Only an inch from the prime minister’s seat.

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“Only an inch left but Anwar is impatient. He worries someone else will overtake him. He throws a stone at his rival. He does not realise he lives in a glass house,” Khalid wrote on his Facebook page yesterday.

“At an advanced age, the return journey is long. It’s best Anwar Ibrahim retires from politics,” he added.

Tun Daim: ‘Foolish To Change’ PM Now – Anwar Tried Many Elections And Failed

Daim also told the ST that he had met Anwar recently to convey the message that “you all tried how many elections and failed.

Tun Daim Zainuddin : Anwar Is Not The Right Candidate To Be PM – He Will Mess Up The Country

In the interview, he expressed his worries over the security and well-being of the country if Anwar becomes PM. This is because, according to him, the PKR Leader will bring this country to a chaos.

This is because Anwar does not have the depth in economy, and that he always needed people to tell him — what to think and what to do.

“I believe he (Anwar) will mess up the country by getting advice from the likes of the IMF (International Monetary Fund), World Bank and Wolfowitz (Paul Wolfowitz, former World Bank president),” he said.

What is more worrying is that when Tun Daim stated Anwar’s tendency to follow the advice from America if the opposition coalition wins 2013 General Election which will be held soon.

Tun Daim added that, this is based on Anwar’s own behavior where he likes to be linked with Western power such as Europe, America and Australia.

“He likes to be linked with Europe, American and Australia. He tries to gain support from Australia to criticize our election, claiming that it is rigged.

He shouts about Arab Spring but not through revolution, instead, through ballot box,” said Tun Daim.

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