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Asian American Doctor Killed In New York Hospital When Covering For A Colleague

The hospital staff at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital described Dr. Tracy Sin-Yee Tam as an “angel” after she was killed in a shooting rampage on Friday, June 30.

The 32-year-old doctor was covering a shift for a colleague on the day of the incident, it is believed that the gunman, Henry Bellow, a deranged former physician in New York City injured six other people on top of Tam’s death before turning the gun on himself.

Tam graduated from Touro College medical school in 2013 and received her medical license the same year. According to New York Post, similar to Bello, Tam was a family-medicine doctor but usually worked in the hospital’s satellite clinic, rarely taking shifts at the hospital.

It was reported that Bello was actually searching for 48-year-old Dr. Kamran Ahmed. The doctor doesn’t know why the shooter wanted him dead.

“The strange thing is he was nice with me. I’m shocked. He had a problem with almost everybody.”

Tam was not even supposed to be on the hospital’s 17th floor where she encountered Henry Bello and was reportedly shot in the back of her neck as she was running away from the attack.

A Bronx-Lebanon spokesman Errol Schneer said Tam worked at the Mount Hope Hospital for a year will be terribly missed,

“She was very well liked by hospital staff, and we are certainly grieved throughout the hospital. It’s a very tragic event for us as well.”

Tam’s tight-knit family, including her father, a cab driver; and mom, a homemaker who recently started working again, returned to their family’s Hillcrest, Queens, home on Friday to find detectives waiting for them.

Mahmudur Rahman, 58, a neighbor said,

“The mother came home first. As soon as she went inside, I heard screaming. I know it was her.

The dad came around 8, 8.30 pm. I heard him scream out, too. I know they are hurting right now.”

Pat Vicencio, 55, who lives down the street said,

“It’s a crazy-person world out there. I cried when I heard, Why it had to be her? Why? She was a very nice girl – shy and friendly. She always said hello when she passed by.”

Neighbor Alena Khaim, 23, saw the family leaving with detectives,

“They looked distraught… It was the saddest thing ever. I knew something horrible had happened. It’s really sad. It makes you think anything can happen to anybody. She was such a sweet girl.”

Our heart goes out to the family of Tracy, may you find peace with her passing and may her soul rest in peace.

(Source: New York Post / Next Shark)






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