Australia Media Reported About Rosmah Mansor RM 24 Billion Luxurious Lifestyle Spending Spree – Here Are The List of Things & Services That She Spend On

The lavish spending habits of Malaysia’s former First Lady have been exposed, amid a corruption scandal engulfing the country.

Rosmah Mansor, who is the wife of recently ousted Prime Minister Najib Razak, is believed to have spent close to $8 million between 2008 and 2015.

She has a penchant for luxury goods and her extensive collection is said to include 284 Hermes Birkin handbags, a 30-carat diamond ring worth an estimated $10 million, and a golden pearl necklace with each gem costing $5,000.

Mansor is known to frequent some of the world’s most expensive stores, including Harrods in London, Chanel in Hawaii, Saks Fifth Avenue in New York and high-end jewellers in Hong Kong.

She is reported to have spent $400,000 on anti-ageing products imported from the United States, including 1590 bottles of growth hormone capsules.

That’s despite being her husband earning about $130,000 a year and Mansor never holding down regular paying job.

The raids were livestreamed on social media, with police confiscating 284 luxurious Hermes Birkin handbags and 72 suitcases filled with cash, jewellery and other valuable items.

The total haul is estimated at $6 billion.

Source : Honey Nine


Multimillion-dollar 30 carat diamond ring.

Golden Pearl Necklace, with matching bracelet, with each pearl worth around $5000.

Jacob & Co “Zebra Safari Bangle”worth $550,000. (RM1.65 million).

Richard Mille Lady RM 007 “Diamond Cruncher” watch worth $220,000.

Franck Muller Master Square Lady Date diamond watch worth $51,000.

Hublot Big Bang Black Magic watch worth $26,500.

Source : News AU

Police Seized Up To RM 1.1 Billion In Cash And Luxury Goods

Malaysian authorities filled over 280 boxes with luxury items seized from the residences of former prime minister Najib Razak, after he was unexpectedly voted out of office. Today (June 27), after weeks of counting and calculating, they put an estimate on the value of those items: up to 1.1 billion ringgit, or about $273 million.

“We couldn’t do the counting at the premises because the numbers were too huge,” said Amar Singh, head of the police commercial crime division.

Authorities today broke down the haul seized from the properties thus:

12,000 pieces of jewelry worth up to nearly $220 million.

Among them were 1,400 necklaces, 2,200 rings, 2,100 bangles, 2,800 pairs of earrings, 1,600 brooches, and 14 tiaras.

About $29 million in cash, in 26 different currencies.

423 watches worth $19.3 million. They included more than 100 brands, among them Rolex and Chopard.

567 luxury handbags from 37 brands including Hermès, Prada, and Chanel. Investigators are still working on their total value, but the Hermes bags alone were worth $12.7 million.

234 pairs of sunglasses worth about $93,000.

Source : QZ

“She paid me RM100,000 cash every month to finance the operations of the cybertroopers”

The 68-year-old, famed for her Birkin bag collection, failed to prevent the media from covering the court case yesterday, exposing the testimony by key witness Rizal Mansor, who used to be her personal assistant, or special officer.

“She paid me RM100,000 cash every month to finance the operations of the cybertroopers,” Rizal, 45, was quoted as saying. His own graft charges were overturned after agreeing to testify against his former boss.

High court judge Mohamed Zaini Mazlan had rejected Rosmah’s application to ban media coverage of Rizal’s testimony at the Kuala Lumpur court, citing his belief in “freedom of the press.”

Rizal said that Rosmah had a personal team of people focusing on countering negative online sentiments about her, particularly related to her lavish lifestyle. Rizal, who worked for her from 2009 to 2018, said he was provided the funds to spend on this. He did not reveal the size of that team.

“Most of the negative news involving Rosmah centered around her expensive handbags and her daughter’s extravagant wedding,” Rizal told the court. The wedding reception for Rosmah’s daughter, Nooryana Najwa, in 2015, featured an elaborate flower display worth RM3 million (US$700,000).

Source : Yahoo News

Indonesian magazine highlights Najib, Rosmah’s ‘luxurious lifestyle’

MyWatch had alleged that the price of each of Rosmah’s watches ranged from RM79,200 for the Hublot BlackBerry Black Magic 114, to RM486,000 for the Richard Mille Lady RM 007 Diamond Cruncher.

Tempo drew comparisons between the watches and Najib’s salary of about RM350,000 per year.

“Najib and his family’s lifestyle has courted the anger of Malaysians,” said the article.

It brought up Rosmah’s heavily-maligned remarks on her RM1,200 hairstyle, which had led criticisms to accuse her of being out of touch with ordinary citizens struggling to make ends meet.

Source : The Edge



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