Isuzu Dura-Miles Challenge 2017 Pushes D-Max Pickup Truck's Fuel Efficiency to Test - The Coverage

Isuzu Dura-Miles Challenge 2017 Pushes D-Max Pickup Truck’s Fuel Efficiency to Test


In 2015, Isuzu’s Dura-Miles Challenge successfully pushed D-Max pickup truck to travel from Bangkok to Singapore under one tank of fuel, covering a total distance of 1,809km with 76 litres of fuel.

This year, Isuzu continued the challenge on a smaller scale which is more of a day-to-day scenario—traveling to the outskirt of the city and back, measuring about 250km or 4 hours of driving.

ISUZU Malaysia_Dura Miles Challenge

A total of 91 contenders participated the competition in three different cities to put D-Max’s fuel efficiency to test, where winners were chosen by the least fuel consumed throughout the challenge.

Other than proving Isuzu D-Max’s longstanding fuel efficient prowess in its brand history, the challenge also wanted to bring its customers closer and build an active community with these proud owners.

With the ever-increasing fuel price since mid-2016, this challenge resonated greatly with the owners as D-Max helps to lower down customers’ spending on fuel as well as doing the environment a favour for leaving lesser carbon footprints.

ISUZU Malaysia_Dura Miles Challenge

The latest Dura-Miles Challenge was held in Miri on 9 December. The competition started from Isuzu Miri 3S Centre to Samalaju Resort Hotel, and back to Coco Cabana, covering a distance of 280 KM. The driving condition that day was a bit rough on the coastal roads which were under minor road upgrade. The presence of countless heavy trucks added the journey’s difficulty because of constant switching lanes and overtaking.

35 contenders partook in the challenge and the winner was Ms. Maria AK Dian in his 2.5L D-Max. Maria’s fuel consumption in the challenge was 19.72km per litre. As for the 3.0L D-Max range, the winner was Mr. Hiew Kim Leong with the fuel consumption of 21.50km per litre. All contenders took about 4 hours to complete the challenge.

ISUZU Malaysia_Dura Miles Challenge

In Ipoh’s challenge, the route started from Aeon Kinta City to Hotel Swiss Garden Damai Laut, Lumut, and back to MH Hotel at a distance of approximately 250km. 27 contenders joined the challenge and they took about 4 hours and 30 minutes to complete it.

After a hilly drive with many long corners, Mr. Chuah Chen Yang came out first with the least fuel consumption in his 2.5L D-Max. His fuel consumption per litre was only 19.33.

As for the Kuching’s challenge, the winners go to Mr. Jerry Anak Wan Jok in his 2.5L D-Max and Mr. Ng Quek Peng in his 3.0L variant. They only consumed 19.59km per litre and 16.87km per litre respectively in the challenge under rainy driving condition. It took 29 of the contenders to finish the 208km drive in 4 hours.

Speaking on this campaign, Chief Operating Officer of IMSB Masayuki Suzuki highlighted Isuzu’s fuel efficiency, along with durability and reliability in its products.

“From year to year, our D-Max innovation and evolution has made it a preferred pick-up truck for motorist due to its performance, comfort, dependability and certainly its fuel efficiency.

“To push our product limits, we did our third attempt to test our D-Max fuel efficiency in Dura-Miles Challenge in 2015. We have drove from Bangkok and travelled across 3 countries in 4 days with just one full tank of diesel. The distance covered was 1809 km which averages at 24km per litre of fuel. Thus far, our D-Max has never failed to impress us in terms of its economical fuel consumption,” said the COO.



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