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10 import models that made an impact in the Malaysian car scene in 2016

2016 was not just a good year for local car models in Malaysia but we also had a few great models that came from overseas and left a deep impact for the industry here.  Many import models were seen in major events like the Formula One, MotoGP, AutoFest, Malaysian International Auto Show, Velocity Motor Show and the Mean Machines. I am sure they all went back to their respective countries with big smiles on their face as they build fans around the region and create loyal followings to where ever they may go.

So here is our list of those that made a deep impression with us and we hope they were your choices too.

1. Yaowapa Nilmalee (Thailand) (photo by Tan Tee Lee)

2. Saowapa Thongtabrat (Thailand) (photo by Kwan Wen Ching)

3. Peppermint (Thailand) (photo by Kingsten Suz Ken)

4. Michelle Low (Singapore) (photo by Andrew Yeak)

5. Tammvip Bovornphibul (Thailand) (photo by Edwin Goh)

6. Ria Vallensia (Indonesia) (photo by Obert Erzat)

7. Derina Wenda (Indonesia) (photo by Andrew Chan)

8. Bejimoon Ice (Thailand) (photo by Kelvin Richardson Lim)

9. Yuu Ki (China) (photo by Hew Kuok Hoong) 

10. Neko Katyuka (Thailand) (photo by Justin Lok)

We are always on the look out for models and talents from local and overseas, if you think you have what it takes and would like us to feature you in one way or another, please do get in contact with us at [email protected].

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