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2015 Top 15 Malaysian Car Girls

TheCoverage AdvertisementEvery car event in Malaysia, or at least almost every car event will feature their latest or coolest or the fastest ride and the hottest girls in the industry.  This is the first year Mean Machines is honoring the 15 Best Car Girls in the industry – I believe not everyone might agree with our list and have their own list – but this is our Official Mean Machines Top 15 Malaysian Car Girls of 2015.

1. Lydia Shiau Ting (image by VividXposure by Alfred Lee)


2. Khoo Mei Yee (image by Simon How)

2-Khoo Mei Yee

3. Germaine Ong (image by Kenny Yeoh)

3-Germaine Ong by Kenny Yeoh

4. Crystal Swung (image by Chee Chung)

4-Crystal Swung by Chee Chung

5. Janice Tan (image by Kawawa Wong)

Janice Tan 2

6. Miko Wong (image by Ying Ching Heng)

Miko Wong

7. Leng Sean (image by Kenny Yeoh)

Leng Sean

8. Cathryn Leong (image by Samuel Tu)

Cathryn Leong

9. Angelyn Koay (image by Steven Thong)


10. YJ Jong (image by Andrew Chan)


11. Grace Chong (image by Dwayne Foong)

Grace Chong

12. Wan Li Tang (image by Cheekyboy Photography)

Wan Li Tang

13. Michelle Tan (image by Muldock Nathan)

Michelle Tan

14. Andrey Oon (image by J2 Studio Photography)


15. Lavi Yim (image by Mask Khoo)


This conclude our list for 2015 and we will be publishing another list at the end of 2016. For those listed on this list, you will be contacted to receive your acknowledgement award soon at our ceremony soon. For those keen to get on our 2016 list – be active and be seen in this exciting car modelling career. You can also drop me a message at [email protected] if you are keen explore the opportunity to be TheCoverage Models.

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