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2016 Top 15 Malaysian Car Girls

Another year has almost come to an end and again we recollect back all the events and activities that gave our car models opportunities to shine – be it the international and local races like the Formula One, MotoGP, SBK, LeMans, and the Sepang1000 or in local events like the Art of Speed, Velocity Motor Show and the Mean Machines 10.  Girls features on car launches or roadshows also get their credits and magazine features are almost a must for these Top 15 girls. Some of our local girls even gone further, featuring in overseas track and car events in Indonesia, Thailand, Macau and etc or winning international car pageants locally and in overseas. From our 2015 list, some have dropped off while some new faces jump on board. So here we go, our Top 15 Malaysian Car Models for 2016.

1. Angelyn Koay (photo by Kenny Yeoh)

2. Germaine Ong (photo by Albert Lim)

3. Jaquee Lee (photo by SK Leon Production)

4. Leng Sean (photo by Alfred Lee)

5. Lydia ShiauTing

6. Janice Tan (photo by Chee Chung)

7. Crystal Swung (photo by Kelvin Richardson Lim)

8. Joey Yeung (photo by Angel C)

9. Tan HanLi (Photo by Kwan Wen Ching)

10. YJ Jong

11. Renee Loh (photo by Saravanan Jeyaraman)

12. Cathryn Leong Kar Ling (photo by Chee Chung)

13. Airiin Ong (photo by Kelvin Richardson Lim)

14. Grace Chong (photo by Kok Choong)

15. Pixie Goh (photo by Chee Chung)

We hope that you are satisfied with our list for 2016, I believe each and everyone of these girls are here on their merits, being on the international front, regional front or local front.  If you are into car modelling and would love to get on our list for 2017, please do drop us a line.  If you would like us to feature you, also do drop us a line.

And due to the abundance of great talents emerging in this industry, we have also created a list of 10 car models we expect to shine in 2017. Do check them out.

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