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Allen’s 15 Favorite Girls of the Shell Advance Malaysian Motor GP 2017

As usual, the annual Shell Advance Malaysian MotoGP was packed with visitors ~ many are drawn to the race, and some are just there to check out some of the hottest car babes in the market. This year, apart from the top local models working at the event, visitors were gifted with a few imports from our neighbor Thailand and also making their debut appearance, Korean race-queens too.

Allen Aznan, of Allen Aznan: Shot on Asphalt, one of our contributing photographers was as the event, and these are his favorite 15 girls of the Shell Advance Malaysian MotoGP 2017.

15. Lemon Kim

14. Jia Hui

13. Crystal Swung

12. Savanty Tan

11. Yannie Leesha

10. Joey Low

9. Natasha Franklin

8. Jovin Ng

7. Lilian Hoy

6. Grace Chung

5. Cathryn Leong

4. Han Ju Ean

3. Jaquee Lee

2. Germaine Ong

1. Kim Ha Yul

I hope you enjoyed Allen Aznan’s selection of his favorite 15 girls. Not everyone might agree with the list, but then this is his personal selection and ranking. If you attend one of these car or bike events and would like to submit to us your list, please feel free to do so.




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