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The Sultan Of Johor’s Nissan Nissan Skyline GT-R35 Bear The Name Polis DiRaja Johor


The Sultan of Johor is, without shadow of a doubt, one of the most prominent and most recognized figures in Malaysia. Sultan Ibrahim ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar is a cheerful and compassionate ruler that has won the heart of many Malaysians for his humble demeanor and compassion in ruling.


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A post has recently gone viral on social media, claiming that the Sultan of Johor had donated a Nissan Skyline GT-R35 to the Royal Malaysian Force. As touching of news it may be, it is found out that is not true.

The Japanese supercar with the Royal Police Force’s decals on it, is in fact, a birthday gift to the Sultan of Johor from the Sultan’s second son, Tunku Temenggong of Johor.

Security personnel and guards at the Royal Johor palace will use the car during parades and convoys where members of the Royal Family will be present. These security personnel and guards are given vehicles owned by the Johor Royal Family. These vehicles bear the decals and logo of the Johor Royal Police force.


Sultan Johor Official Facebook

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It was recently circulated on social media that Sultan Ibrahim ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar, Sultan of Johor, had donated a Nissan Skyline GT-R35 to the Polis DiRaja Malaysia (Royal Malaysian Police). This is not true.The Nissan is actually a birthday gift from Tunku Temenggong Johor, the Sultan’s second son. The car will be used by the police officers who are attached to the Johor palace.

These officers – who are entrusted to provide security for the Johor royal family – also include outriders. They are given the use of cars and motorbikes owned by the Johor royal family. These vehicles bear the name Polis DiRaja Johor (Johor Royal Police).


Baru baru ini, telah diuar-uarkan di media sosial bahawa Sultan Ibrahim ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar, Sultan Johor, telah mengurniakan sebuah kereta Nissan Skyline GT-R35 kepada Polis DiRaja Malaysia. Dakwaan ini adalah tidak benar. Kereta Nissan tersebut sebenarnya adalah persembahan hari keputeraan Sultan Johor daripada anakandanya, Tunku Temenggong Johor, anakanda lelaki kedua Tuanku Sultan.

Kenderaan tersebut akan digunakan oleh pegawai polis yang bertugas dengan pihak Istana Negeri Johor. Para pegawai terbabit – yang dipertanggungjawabkan menjaga keselamatan ahli keluarga DiRaja Johor – juga merangkumi petugas pengiring bermotor. Mereka ini diberikan kemudahan menggunakan kenderaan hakmilik keluarga DiRaja Johor. Kenderaan-kenderaan ini mempamerkan nama dan lambang Polis DiRaja Johor.

Source :  Sultan Ibrahim ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar Facebook 

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