Around RM1 billion spent on highways annually - PLUS - The Coverage Automotive

Around RM1 billion spent on highways annually – PLUS

PLUS forks out around RM1 billion a year on maintenance of all its highways, where most of its primary spending focuses mainly on paving works and road surface repairs. Approximately 74% of its annual budget is allocated for highway maintenance, said Fuad Khusairi, COO of PLUS.

“A considerable maintenance work is done to guarantee that  more than 4,800 km of street surfaces on PLUS parkways are in great condition at all times,” he advised columnists at a media instructions to highlight parts of interstate upkeep.

“Beside the 4,800 km of highways, regular maintenance is fundamental for the 6,800 slopes, 638 bridges, 5,500 sewers, two passages and road lighting in the whole highway network,” he included. The concessionaire said it has a three-stage working procedure set up, and these cover standard, healing and preventive upkeep.

“Routine maintenance incorporates intermittent/planned errands, for example, connect support, arranging and numerous others. Then, regular maintenance includes asphalt resurfacing to guarantee the safety of motorists and additionally repair take a shot at extensions, slants, drainage systems and passages. With respect to preventive upkeep, this comprises of endeavors to draw out the life expectancy of the advantages and the offices on the highway,” Fuad stated.


The concessionaire even highlighted the huge measure of assets required to guarantee that its roadways are working perfectly. In addition utilizes more than 400 work force to watch the highways and conveys 107 vehicles; 18 tow trucks, 17 slide decks, 49 motorbikes and three helicopters all through its whole highway operation.



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