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Audi expanding RS line for the next 18 months



Audi’s high performance division, Audi Sport is looking forward to expand the RS line-up of vehicles in 18 months, stated by the new boss Stephan Winkelmann, the former CEO of Lamborghini.

Winkelmann said to Autocar UK,  “There is more to come. We have one company, one name and we have a brand. But we will remain exclusive.”

As of now, the RS range includes the  RS 3, RS 6, RS 7, RS Q3, TT RS and R8. There will be more to come, but there’s no clue yet on what models will be included in the range. More likely candidates will be the  A1, A4 and Q5. There will also be a more beefed-up version of the R8.

Even with this expansion, Winkelmann announced that the company will develop cars differently from its competitors, Mercedes-AMG. “We are not going to do what they do. We have a lot of plans but are not revealing them yet. It is better to under-promise and over-deliver,” he said.

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