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Malaysian Woman Had A Scary Experience With My Teksi

Scary Experience With MyTeksi

Sources : My Teksi

Sources : My Teksi

For those who often use MY TEKSI to book a cab and catch a ride to their destination, here’s a spine-chilling story that might spook you into doubting if you should even ever use the taxi service anymore.

A woman had a very close call with what looked like an attempted kidnapping after she booked a taxi through the MY TEKSI app which is a renowned and trusted taxi providing service in Malaysia.

Here’s what happened.

The aforementioned woman wanted to head home after she started to feel ill halfway through work.

Like her usual routine, she went to her office’s lobby and went on the MY TEKSI app to request a taxi to pick her up from her workplace.

For those who don’t know, you have to turn on your mobile phone’s location services so the application can find you the nearest taxi to your location.

So she turned on the location services on her phone and placed a request for a taxi to be sent to her location to pick her up.

The MY TEKSI app will provide the customer with the chosen taxi driver’s picture, phone number, and car number plate. You would have to verify the details and you could proceed to choose your destination. She vaguely memorized the phone number of the taxi driver in case she receives a call from him.

Sure enough, a taxi driver from MY TEKSI with the phone number from the invoice given by MY TEKSI called her to confirm that he was on his way and would arrive at the pick up point in 15 minutes or so.

Everything was routine when suddenly, an unknown number (018-3266752) called her. She was slightly confused as she expected a call from the taxi driver from MY TEKSI. She looked at the number and saw that it wasn’t the selected taxi driver’s number.

She thought it was a client or friend calling her so she just picked up the call.

Here is the conversation of that first phone call.

Woman : “ Hello”
018-3266752 : “You nak pergi puchong ke?”
Woman : “Bukan, saya nak pergi tempat tinggal saya.”
018-3266752: “Saya sekarang dekat RHB bank, you sekarang boleh keluar.”
Woman : “Har?? Apa?? Tadi saya sudah dapat satu call dari MY TEXI kata lagi 15 minit baru sampai.
018-3266752:“bukan boh, saya dapat duluh you send punya message, you sekarang datang ke RHB bank saya bawa you balik. Lagi, mungkin tadi orang itu tipu you. Kata nak bawa you, mungkin tadi orang itu adalah orang jahat. You mesti double check. Dia ada kata dia punya texi number tak?”
Woman:” Har??? Yeah meet….?? Tak ada oh?? Saya tak ada tanya… tapi saya tak perna tengok you punya nombor oh. You boleh bagi saya, you punya kereta nombor duluh saya nak check tengok adakah you??”
018-3266752: “Ok ok, kereta nombor 5340… kereta Proton Wira, 5 minit saya akan sampai RHB sana.

She found it suspicious that he never provided her with the alphabets of his car’s number plate and only just the digits. Moreover, the confirmed pick up location was at her office; not at RHB bank like the stranger said.

Out of suspicion and curiosity, she re-opened the MY TEKSI app and checked the invoice provided by the app for her taxi request and saw that his car plate’s number and phone number did not match the given invoice’s information.

Fortunately, she didn’t believe the lies of the stranger and didn’t go to the pick up location just yet.

At that moment, she began wondering how a stranger got her number and how did he know that where she was heading and how did he know she was going to take an early leave from work at all.

About 5 second later, he called her back.

The following is the conversation of the second phone call :

018-3266752:“You sekarang kat mana? Saya sudah sampai ke RHB Bank sana??

(Note that the stranger starts to sound restless and nervous.)

Me:“Hello! Kenapa you punya kereta nombor dengan saya order punya MY TEXI nombor langsung tak sama? Handphone nombor juga langsung tak sama? You ni siapa?? Kenapa ada handphone nombor saya??”

Stranger 018-3266752:Aaaaarrrr eee…

( He hangs up the phone )

What do you guys think about this incident?

Did the stranger really tap into her phone and found out that she needed a taxi so he could kidnap her?

Was this a simple case of an unregistered taxi driver trying to fish customers from MY TEKSI by tapping into MY TEKSI’s call log?

Let us know.

Nonetheless, be wary should you use the MY TEKSI app. Information these days can be easily obtained and spied on. A taxi ride could very well turn into a kidnapping.

At the same time, be careful should this number call you:

****018-3266752 ****

Sources  / Facebook : 岫燕林

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