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Celebrate 2017 with higher fuel prices

Malaysians should be fueling up cars before their countdown celebration tonight.

The government has announced that Malaysians will have to pay an additional RM 0.15 – RM0.20 per liter for fuel after the New Year’s Countdown tonight as the fuel prices for the January 2017 has been announced.

The RON95 will be priced at RM 2.10 per liter (up RM 0.20 from December), RON 97 at RM 2.40 per liter (up RM 0.15), diesel is priced at RM 2.05 per liter (up RM 0.20) while the Euro 5 diesel will be priced at RM 2.15 (up RM 0.20).

I guess Malaysians can blame the increase of fuel price due to the increase in crude oil prices as well as the weak ringgit forex against the US dollars.

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