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Citroën survey reveals some peculiar habits of Europeans in their cars

PARIS: A new surey executed by French carmaker Citroën has uncovered some fascinating facts about what Europeans get up to in their cars.

Preceding the Paris Motor Show, which happens Oct 1-16, the carmaker discharged the aftereffects of their study of Europeans, entitled “Our lives in cars.”

The reviewed was done in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Britain, the study demonstrated that the normal European puts in 4 years and 1 month of their life in their car, and the individuals who are driving practically consistently will thank or wave to an astounding 10,056 individuals out and about.

It is likewise uncovered that Europeans are inclined toward partake in some “auto karaoke,” singing as loud as possible in their autos 3917 times, and in addition finishing more unremarkable undertakings, for example, doing their hair, shaving or putting on their cosmetics in their car 1,234 times.

Maybe to sidestep those “Are we there yet?” minutes, they will likewise partake in a diversion 58 times, and “We’ll be there soon” will be said 228 times.

Lovebirds will make out in their autos 61 times, and maybe as a component of the making-up process, Europeans kiss 2,432 times and have intercourse 4 times in their cars. A few nations are of specific note here, with the English and French having intercourse around 3.4 times – contrasted and 8 times for Italians!

The study will also be highlighted in Citroën’s upcoming campaign, “Citroën inspired by you.”

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