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Couple’s car smashed by Mat Rempit in LDP

Kuala Lumpur: A couple endured a night of dread as their auto was chased after by a pack of Mat Rempit, who additionally crushed their window amid a rapid interest along the Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP) early Monday morning.

The female passenger recognized just as San, handed-off the couple’s trial by means of a Facebook posting the previous evening, which rapidly turned into a web sensation.

San’s post was shared roughly 15,000 times in less than four hours.

She noticed that the occurrence happened 2.15am when she and her sweetheart had ceased their Perodua Myvi at an outdoors auto stop close to the Kelana Jaya lake to enter their destination into Waze.

A gathering of bikers showed up out of the blue and encompassed their vehicle. One of them tapped on the passenger window and asked the couple to leave the vehicle.

“We felt that something was certainly wrong, so we chose to stay in the auto,” she said, including that there were eight men on four cruisers.

Her boyfriend then reversed the car to run away from the bikers. Be that as it may, the bikers turned much more forceful and started hitting their car.

Edgy to get away, her boyfriend then smashed the accelerator and collided with one of the bikes. This infuriated the bikers much more and they got pursued.

A high speed chase came after that, the bikers seeking after the Myvi along the LDP, headed towards Kepong.

“All through the pursuit, the men continued hollering at us and requested us to stop. One tossed rocks at our auto. “One of the men flung a sparkplug, which crushed the traveler window,” she said.


To exacerbate matters, the couple’s Myvi had supported a punctured tire in the wake of smashing into one of the bikes prior. The consistent speed in the end left the car with one wheel running on its edge.

San said she called the police, who encouraged her to advance toward the closest police headquarters. Be that as it may, the couple chose to speed ahead in the wake of deriving that they would not have the capacity to make numerous more exact swings because of the state of the auto.



She said the gang of bikers eventually dropped off as the car approached the Kepong toll plaza.

“We were so afraid that they would come after us but they were nowhere to be found. We eventually pulled up by the side of the road. “The police came by after about 10 minutes. They decided that we were alright and told us to call a tow truck.”


She added that they were unable file a police report at a police station that night, given the car’s condition. They only did so the next day at the Bandar Sunway police station.

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