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Ferrari Portofino Tour Kicks Off

The undisputed star of Europe-wide tour, the Ferrari Portofino kicks off on Monday, April 16 at the famous Ligurian town that both gave the car its name and played host to a world premiere attended by hundreds of clients last September,

The city of Portofino provides the starting line from which 20 examples of the new Ferrari depart to over 60 cities across the continent.  The Prancing Horse’s most loyal enthusiasts and collectors will be treated to a truly exclusive preview of the car’s prowess as they take turns behind the wheel of the Ferrari Portofino on Europe’s most beautiful roads and experience the car’s performance across a wide variety of conditions.

Three alternating itineraries will crisscross very different terrains, ranging from the rolling Tuscan hills to the slopes of the Alps, the Cote d’Azur, the Scandinavian Peninsula, Stockholm Bay and the Port of Belfast, settings that will provide a perfect showcase for the driving pleasure and versatility of this stunning convertible GT, allowing the clients to savor the V8 engine’s 600 CV, the handling and superior in-car comfort that put it at the top its category.

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