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Hoffy Automobiles Launches Mamba GT3 BMW M4

TheCoverage AdvertisementDetroit based tuner – Hoffy Automobile has unveil the 2016 Mamba GT3 Street Concept which is started off as a BMW M4 but then has an entirely redesigned front end with huge air dams and massive splitter, deep bumper with a pointed shark nose and out of this world LED headlights. The Mamba GT3 Street Concept also have huge though fluid fenders flares on all four coupled with race car size air diffuser and tall wing.


The Mamba GT3 unique engine management enhancements flash and engineering package will deliver 710 BHP from the original twin-turbo 3.0 straight six engine, producing a 10% increase in RPM and peek torque numbers over the stock M4.  The 0-60mph is under 3.1 second from stand still and comes with a top speed of 210+ mph.


The interior of the Mamba GT3 will feature exclusive Alcantara GTS Style race seating, steering, shifter, headliner and a jet fighter style HUD system, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to complete the cabin connectivity.


Pricing and public viewing of the Hoffy Automobiles Mamber GT3 Street Concept will be made in February of 2016.

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