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Lamborghini Loses Control And Crashes – One Dead

A tragic accident took place in Surabaya, Jakarta, after a Lamborghini LP 560-4 that was racing against a Ferrari in the streets lost control and ran over a middle-aged a couple and another man.

The Lamborghini which was driven by a 24-year-old man, hit Kuswanto (51), his wife Srikanti (41) and Mujianto (44), according to the police. The car dragged Kuswanto for a about a hundred feet before crashing into a tree.

The couple was standing by the road pavement, buying bottles of milk from one of the street vendors when the accident took place.

Srikanti and Mujianto, who is the waiter at the vendor, sustained serious injuries and suffered from broken legs due to the accident while Kuswanto died on the scene, authorities said.

The Ferrari that was racing the Lamborghini is suspected to have been piloted by a friend of the Lamborghini driver. He fled from the scene and authorities are now looking for the driver of the Ferrari in question.

The police have detained the driver of the Lamborghini, Wiyang Lautner (24), at the Dukuh Kupang police station and launched a further investigation into the crash.

Because of their daredevil amateur hour, they have inflicted pain onto two innocent bystanders and killed one in the process.

Race on the track. Not on the streets.

Money clearly doesn’t buy brains.

Source : The Jakarta Post

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