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New policy allows for fully darkened rear windshield and windows

Transport Minister Anthony Loke today announced that private vehicle is now allowed to have a fully darkened rear windshield and rear windows. These changes are in response to demands from motorists who want darker windows to block the sun and heat from vehicle cabin.

He also said these changes are in line with the United Nations Regulations on safety glazing materials installation on vehicles (UN Regulation no 43).

However, front windshields, as well as the driver and front passenger side windows need to remain transparent, allowing 70% and 50% light through respectively for safety reasons.

Mr Loke also said it is possible for anyone to have fully tinted windows for security and health reasons but they have to apply for special permission. Each application for security reasons will be charged a RM 50 service fee and if approved, the 2 year permit will cost RM 5,000.

“Each approval will last for two years, and they need to reapply each time,” he said, adding that the approval would be determined by a special committee headed by RTD director-general Datuk Seri Shaharuddin Khalid, which will meet monthly.

The committee will vet each application and do cross checks with the police to determine if applicants have a clean record and no outstanding summonses.

Those who are applying for a fully tinted windows for health reasons are exempt from charges.

The new regulations come into effect Wednesday (May 8) and will only apply to private vehicles, including those used for e-hailing services.

Road Transport Department (RTD) enforcement officers will start their checks on vehicles under the new regulations in three months.

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