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Nippon Paint forecast automotive trend colors

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Malaysia’s No. 1 coating solutions provider, Nippon Paint Malaysia Group (“Nippon Paint”) unveiled the Automotive Trend Colors 2016/17 which comes in 39 colors based on three key themes – Wonder Lust, New Eco and We are One.

Optimized for the automotive industry, Automotive Trend Colors 2016/17 were based on the Asia Pacific Chromazone Color Forecasting Workshop organized by Nippon Paint collaboration in collaboration with the Colours Marketing Group which brought together 80 design professionals from across Asia to develop a truly Asian color palette.


The Automotive Trend Colors initiative aims to be the reference point for professionals and users in the automotive industry that includes cars, motorcycles, helmets and so on. The automotive colors each are given a persona and story for consumers to truly call a color their own.

“Taking leadership on color innovations and our focus in the Asia markets, we are Nippon Paint are introducing these colors that is set to drive the trend for the current and coming years.  We understand that cars are not merely modes of transportation but an extension of our personality and an emblem of our achievements in life. Similarly, just like decorative coatings, automotive colors can also be used as a platform for self-expression and this is an important facet for our consumers,” says Mr Alex Yoong, Assistant General Manager (Marketing) of Nippon Paint Malaysia Group, at the official launch of Automotive Trend Color 2016/17 held at AutoFEST 2016 in Kuala Lumpur.


Available in Crystal, Pearl, Metallic and Solid finishes, the 39 colors are categorized under three key themed envisioned by the Trend Beyond Colors initiative. “Wonder-Lust”, “New Eco”, “We Are One” – these themes aim to distill the expansive cultures, way of life and trends of Asia into an Asian color palette.

For 2016/17, the Automotive Trend Colors will take a step further by injecting color stories into each of the three key themes, thus enabling consumers to select colors they relate themselves to most.

Wonder-lust is aimed as an extension of automotive owners passionate and lively persona, featuring colors that balances energy and flamboyance, but yet passionate. It portrays confidence and desires a second glance and exudes sportiness.


New Eco pays homage to mother nature by fusing dark earthy, autumn tones with blues, greens and whites into a palette of modern eco-colors schemes. New Eco projects a mature and refined choice of colors for luxury and hybrid vehicles.

We Are One is about being individually different yet connected as human race. Time tested colors that transcend trends and seasons dominate this palette. We are One is versatile in application.

Nippon Paint entered the automotive OEM market back in the mid-70s, pioneering the supply of the Pearl system to the OEM segment during the late 80s automotive boom. Nippon Paint then launched the automotive refinish business back in 2009 as an after-market coating solution to complement the OEM business.




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