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PLUS responded to R&R “extra charges” claim

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PLUS has decided to respond to the accusations that it had “punished” a highway user for allegedly “spending too much time” at a Gurun R&R, saying that the reason behind the additional charges is most likely to be the ‘Long Journey Time’ (LJT) penalty.

The penalty has been implemented for quite a while, keeping in mind the end goal to rebuff people who mishandle its travel ticketing framework. As per the thruway concessionaire, a portion of the strategies used to trap the framework incorporate exchanging, keeping and controlling travel cards. Insights have demonstrated that such cases are on the ascent consistently.

The punishment apply to drivers who surpass the length of the outing from a passage toll square to another toll court in a shut toll framework (where clients are required to take a travel card when entering a thruway, and returning it while making the installment at the leave toll square).

For instance, the excursion between the Gurun and Pendang toll courts will take around 30 minutes. To this time, 138 minutes will be included request to represent the likelihood that the interstate client stops over at the Gurun R&R. On the off chance that clients exit at the Pendang toll square surpassing the designated time, the LJT punishment will apply in the event that they can’t give a sensible reason/prove.

The length of journey is resolved in view of a set equation and figuring (taking after a specific speed), and PLUS will likewise utilize its record of all episodes (mischances, car influx, upkeep works) that could make interstate clients surpass the foreordained travel time. Toll stall administrators will consider all these data before choosing if the LJT punishment is relevant.

In the event that the LJT punishment has as of now been paid, PLUS will discount the measure of the punishment if the client can display their proof later on. Besides, the individuals who work stores and slows down at R&R regions will be exempted from the punishment because of their working hours.


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