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Pope Francis puts up his Holy Lamborghini on the auction block

His Holiness, Pope Francis received a Bianco Monocerus with Giallo Tiberino stripes Lamborghini Huracan last year and one could not imagine Pope Francis actually taking the V10 mid-engine supercar out on track. However Pope Francis never intended to keep the car but instead autographed the Huracan which also went through Lamborghini’s Ad Personam Customization program so that it could be auction off at RM Sotheby’s Monaco on May 12, 2018.

Apart from the custom paint, the Huracan also sits on an unique set of black and silver wheels with Nero brake calipers.  The interior is finished in Bianco Leda Sportivo leather that matches the white paint on the exterior with the Lamborghini crest stitched on the headrest.

This car has been sitting in storage after the autograph session last year, so it should be in like-new condition.

All the proceeds from the auction will go to the Vatican, with 70% going to the Iraqi city of Nineveh which is overrun by ISIS, 20% going to other charitable groups and the balance 10% going to Pope John XXIII Community Association.

RM Sotheby’s is expecting the car to fetch between €250,000 and €350,000 when it crosses the auction block, but it could go for much more if buyers are feeling charitable.

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