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AWW!! Man Don’t Have The Heart To Put His Dog To Sleep After Seeing His Dog Cry!!

Dogs sure are men’s best friend, and they remember their family members even though they are separated for long, like in those soldiers return home videos on YouTube!

Sometimes they don’t know how much pressure they’re putting on the jaw and their bite, but they do feel bad about it unless the owner is an a-hole and abuses the dog then it’s the owner’s fault!

Recently a netizen goes by the name Ang, posted images on social media of the injuries his dog gave him.

Ang shared his story on how he met his dog, Jacky.

About a year ago Ang heard howlings from the crack of a mountain, so he went to his office and gathered few people to save the puppy.

In just one year, Ang has spent over RM10k for the dog, and Jacky showed his thanks by being an energetic dog who loves jumping on Ang, he even waits for his savior to come home every day. Look at this sweetheart!

Recently, Ang and his family were busy moving houses, Jacky saw that they were moving a lot of stuff from home and he wanted to follow too.

“I didn’t have time to attend to him, so I tied him up. But he lost his mind and suddenly went berserk and bit me,” he said.

There is a possibility that Jacky thought he was being punished tied up like that not able to follow his family, so he just wanted to get attention and bit his owner.


Ang went to get his wounds treated, the doctor injected anti-rabies vaccine as well, just for precaution. He has to return to the clinic for 4 more injections in the next 2 weeks.

After the whole ordeal, Ang’s workers told him that Jacky has been quite all day which according to Ang was very unusual and he doesn’t know how to face Jacky after the pressure of friends and relatives telling Ang to put the dog to sleep.

“Maybe he’s blaming himself for biting me? But my relatives said animals don’t think. So what should I do?” Ang asked on Facebook.

Ang said that he named the dog Jacky in hopes that he could be as bold and fierce as Jacky Chan, but perhaps he overdid it after the incident. Personally, I feel the owner is so sweet to his pet dog!

“I went to the shop to find him just now. We shook each other’s hands. I told him:  ‘I was thinking about putting you to sleep just now. But you looked so guilty and there are tears in your eyes, so I guess I’ll just let it pass’,” he said.

Jacky nodded his head as to signal that he understands what Ang was saying and that he is sorry. Ang added, “My heart melted when he licked my wound and I almost cried when my daughter took pictures of us!”

Many people do not understand how animals are, but when you’ve worked closely with them and you invest your time in understanding them, you would come to know that they understand, they think, and they react!

Thank you, Ang, for giving Jacky a second chance at life, you knew he wasn’t a bad doggy, he just wanted your attention and he loves you and your family very much. Truth be told, animals who are rescued are ten times more grateful to you than store bought ones, so please adopt always and don’t shop!

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