Anwar & Azmin Reconciliation : Azmin Ali Ready To Reconcile With Anwar – “For The Past 20 Years, I Have Defended Anwar & Remained Loyal”

Pledging loyalty to the party, PKR deputy president Datuk Seri Azmin Ali says he is ready to reconcile with his president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Azmin urged all members and leaders to band together to unite the party after the past year had seen PKR being marred by conflicts between the two warring factions.

“I’m ready (to reconcile). The experience that we went through for the past year was very bitter, it was a very painful experience for all of us.

“I would like to encourage all members and leaders to come forward to unite the party.

On the rumour mill churning with whispers that he was going to form a new party, Azmin shot this down, saying that he will remain loyal to PKR under Anwar’s leadership.

“There’s no new party. The people built PKR for 20 years and we will continue within this party.

“It’s just that when there are issues, we must discuss and look for a solution together.

“I’m asking everyone to put the past problems aside and let’s move forward under the leadership of our current president,” he said.

“I didn’t launch any personal attacks, I explained to the members that when the president faced allegations, I quickly came out with a firm statement to defend him.

“For the past 20 years, I have defended my president and remained loyal, it’s just I don’t want him to be influenced by people who don’t understand the matter of reforms,” he said.

Source : The Star

In truce, Anwar and Azmin have shown magnanimity, says Haniza

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PKR Women’s wing must play its role to become a unifying force for the party.

Its chief Haniza Mohamed Talha said this was important for the movement to face the challenges that came in the way of the party, while helping to steer PKR forward.

“The women’s wing must play its role to unite the rank-and-file of this party, and we must step forward to develop our country together.

“Whatever obstacle or challenge that comes our way are merely temporary distractions. Focus on our goal to uphold the party’s struggle,” she said in a welcoming speech at the joint opening of the PKR women and youth wings annual congress here last night.

The Selangor state executive council member and Lembah Jaya assemblyman said that the latest development that occurred in PKR, in which some party insiders described as a delicate truce between the top two leaders, was a good sign.

“I am very grateful for what has occurred in the past 24 hours as what occurred reflects the magnanimity of PKR leaders to put aside their differences.

“This is (a sign of) our party’s unity, and it came from the top (leaders).”

Source : NST

No sacking of members who supported Azmin Ali: Anwar

Several Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) leaders who were earlier seen supporting former PKR deputy president Azmin Ali and his group would not be sacked from the party.

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim said the party accepted the explanation of several leaders concerned who claimed they were cheated and betrayed.

I accept (their explanations) that they are still loyal. In the meeting, they said they supported them but did not know of the coalition with PAS, UMNO or wished to betray the party, so we are not blaming the supporters.

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“They admitted they were duped by the game of several leaders, so I need to defuse the situation to strengthen the party,” he told reporters after chairing a special meeting with PKR members of Parliament and assemblymen.

Source : Channel News Asia

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