BEWARE : Malaysia KDU Student's Scary Stalker Encounter In Empire Subang Jaya

11139391_896817567023880_506928805586893374_n Source : Annekie Kow Facebook[/caption] Ever wished you were a part of a thriller movie scene? Running away from a crazy psychopath who tries to follow you and kill you in your sleep- many people have always wanted to experience something like that. Believing they are armed with the finest self defense techniques from binge-watching thriller movies, they feel prepared. However, you won’t feel as thrilled when it happens to you in real life. A young woman had the scary experience of being stalked by a man. [caption id="attachment_883" align="aligncenter" width="720"]1 Picture she allegedly took at Daiso[/caption] Annekie Kow, a student from KDU College had a scary encounter at Empire Subang Jaya. Her post on Facebook that explained her experience has since gone viral with over 2,000 shares in 16 hours. She was at the high-end shopping center at around 7pm, walking around the mall, window-shopping, as she waited for her boyfriend to finish his facial treatment in one of the studios upstairs. She was on an escalator when all of a sudden; a man appeared out of nowhere and stood uncomfortably close to her and smiled when she turned to him. Having thought he was being friendly, she flashed him a weak smile in return. [caption id="attachment_884" align="aligncenter" width="720"]3 Spot the stalker ?[/caption] She then walked to Daiso and noticed from the corner of her eye that the man had followed her into the store. Since she didn’t want to assume what she though he was doing, she walked through different aisles in the shop to see if the man really was stalking her. He followed her through every aisle. [caption id="attachment_886" align="aligncenter" width="720"]5 ‘I see you’[/caption] He allegedly even walked from the opposite aisle and pretended to bump into her again. There were a few times that he stuck uncomfortably close to her and she, overwhelmed with fear for the worst, darted out of the store and called her boyfriend who asked her to quickly come up to the studio where he was having his facial treatment. The man continued to follow her to the studio but she quickly hid inside and told the beauticians what was happening. [caption id="attachment_887" align="aligncenter" width="720"]12246742_987160947989541_258054937887885045_n Where’s Waldo?![/caption] The man even lingered and waited for her outside of the studio. She tried to take a clearer photo of him as proof but he must have noticed her attempts to do so and quickly left. In her post, Annekie urges for young women like her to be constantly careful and wary of their surroundings or they could very well be a victim to men like him. She also urges boyfriends and husbands as well as men to keep their girlfriends/wives/ female friends safely by their side. So what do you think? Was this really a stalking incident or was the man just trying to follow her and get her phone number because he was too shy to be direct about it? Let us know. Nonetheless, stay safe ladies. [caption id="attachment_888" align="aligncenter" width="735"]Source : Annekie Facebook Source : Annekie Facebook[/caption]

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Her Facebook Post: I always like to hang out in Empire Subang Mall as it’s located in my neighborhood. Today at around 7pm, I walked alone in the mall while waiting for my boyfriend to get his facial treatment done. I was on escalator, all of sudden this man appeared from no where and stood beside me, and smiled to me when I turned to him. Having thought that he was smiling out of courtesy, I gave him a smile too. I then walked into Daiso and I noticed that he was following at my back. I’m a wary person, I started to suspect but I had to make sure that I wasn’t pre-assuming. I walked into different rows to check if he was really stalking me, and it turned out to be Yes. His face is most clearly shown in the first photo. He even tried to walk at the opposite row and acted like he bumped into me again. There were few times he stuck really close to me. I got really terrified that I couldn’t even bother to confront him or look at his face. My first instinct was to walk out from the store. I rang my boyfriend to tell him what happened and he told me to return to him as quick as I could. This man followed me down the escalator and to the facial centre as in 2nd and 3rd photo. I escaped into the facial centre and told the beauticians about what just happened, then I hid inside. Nevertheless, the man even lingered and waited for me at the outside. I tried to take photo (the last one) to capture a clearer version of his front face but I guess I alerted him hence he finally went away. Casting back my mind to what happened just now, I couldn’t imagine what would happen next had I been less cautious, or had I not called for help. I could be the next victim of tragedy. I’m creating an awareness here to all the girls, try not to walk alone in the mall even if you think you’re safe as you’ve been visiting it alone for thousand times, because that was what I thought too. To all the guys, try to keep your girlfriend/wife under your company because we really don’t know what will happen next. It’s better to be careful all the time. Source : Annekie Kow Facebook  Man Caught Filming Woman Bathing in Petaling Jaya 53-Year-Old Penang Men Sexually Exploited More than 200 Malaysian Women Woman Sued For Taking RM1.7 Million Worth Of Hermés Handbags Without Paying Send us any news updates ( crime , scam , story , bullies , accident , community and etc ) , opinion and inquiries to our email – [email protected] 

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