BEWARE : Malaysian Car Thieves Now Have A New Trick To Steal Your Cars

2 A man almost had his car stolen from him. You’ve probably never heard of a car-stealing trick like this so pay close attention. Last Sunday, at around 6.45pm in the evening, an Indian lady approached a local locksmith shop and requested them to help her get into a car that was parked outside of a shop. The woman claimed that the car parked outside of the shop belonged to her and that she had lost her car keys. Without questioning her intentions, as they get requests like this all the time, they didn’t think much of it and began to work at trying to mold a spare car key from the car’s lock. However, the father of the owner of the car was walking past the car and saw what was happening. The father immediately called his son to tell him what was going on. The owner of the car, who happened to be on the top floor of a shop he owned, quickly rushed down to his car to find out what was going on. What the Indian lady didn’t know was that the car actually belonged to him and it was parked outside his shop, so rushing down to catch her in the act would only take mere seconds. 1 He confronted the lady and asked her what she was doing. At this point, the locksmiths stepped in and explained the situation. The man was taken aback as that was his car. He then realized this was no simple mistake. The lady was trying to steal his car. He asked her again. She told him that the car belonged to a friend of hers who had lost the key and asked her to pick up the car for her. He promptly shot down her alibi by asking her to call her friend, the ‘owner’ of the car, and put her friend on speakerphone. For some reason, she couldn’t get through to her friend. Highly suspicious, isn’t it? The man got tired of listening to her lies and called the police who arrived at the scene shortly. 3 policemen arrived at the scene and brought her in to the police station along with the man to make a police report. Police told him that the confidence the woman showed when explaining her alibis ,and her cool head even after being arrested, showed that it was probably not the first time she had carried out a crime of this nature. Apparently, this is one of the many tricks and methods car stealing syndicates use to steal cars to add to their fleet, which would be sold for profit. This is a cautionary tale to anyone that drives an old car with no anti-theft systems installed. It would be advisable to get one installed, as these car-stealing syndicates are most likely targeting older cars as they have less measures of security and are easier to steal. Sources : 转自Sheng Auto , Facebook News 24-year-old Malaysian Robbed and Murdered Outside of Pub in Kajang 80 “Mat Rempits” Beat A 25-year-old To A Pulp Malaysian Woman Had A Scary Experience With My Teksi Beware : A Malaysian Man Got Conned into Buying a Smuggled Car

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