Beware!! Scavengers In Sibu Selling Off Chemically Infested Meat For Cheap Price!! - The Coverage

Beware!! Scavengers In Sibu Selling Off Chemically Infested Meat For Cheap Price!!

Did you hear news going around saying that for the meantime do no consume any chicken meat? People in Sibu have stopped buying chicken wings after reports of scavengers dug out five containers of chicken wings disposed by the Customs Department at a site near Bukit Aup Park.

The Customs took the drastic action to dispose of the chicken wings because they were imported without a permit from Netherlands. The chicken stall operators in all markets said business is down by as much as 80%.

It was learned that nearby villagers thought of this as a chance to make some money, they dug up the frozen meat the following day and sold the wings for as cheap as RM6 per kg! (Market price in Sibu is RM12 per kg.)

Sia, 32, is one of the sellers at the central market said, “My supplier is a licensed importer but people were still worried. They asked whether it was safe to eat chicken wings. In the end, many did not buy.”

Not only is the public not buy imported chicken, they were even afraid of buying local ones!

On Tuesday, a man named Mike said his brother bought the chicken wings from some of the scavengers who came to his house in Kampung Jeriah, about 20km distance from Bukit Aup.

“They sold the wings at RM7 to my brother. It was cheap compared to the normal price of between RM10 and RM12 per kg,” said Mike.

These scavengers had been going house-to-house selling the wings as said by Mike. The Customs Department confiscated 40 containers and have disposed of 5 containers of chicken wings. The wings were sprayed with pesticide and Clorox before disposal.

Please be careful and try no to buy any chicken wings for the meantime until further notice.

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