BF GOALS: Chinese Man Trades Shoes For Girlfriend's Heels When She Wasn't Feeling Well - The Coverage

BF GOALS: Chinese Man Trades Shoes For Girlfriend’s Heels When She Wasn’t Feeling Well

Uh-oh, guys, you better step up your game, someone just set the new boyfriend goals record!

A man in southwestern China was seen wearing his girlfriend’s heels as he gave her his shoes to wear because she wasn’t feeling too well.

The couple was spotted on the fifth floor of Xinqiao Hospital in Shapingba District, Chongqing, China.

Source: Sohu News

The photos of the couple went viral after they were uploaded on social media, the photos were taken by a woman surnamed Xie as she found his gestures very touching. She told Chongqing Morning News,

“The high heels were pink, so the sight was too compelling.”

Adding that the man lovingly touched his partner several times in the head.

According to Xie, the couple had already swapped footwear when they arrived the hospital, and the woman seemed to be in discomfort.

Xie also thought it was sweet when the woman offered to swap their shoes later, but he refused.

Source: Next Shark

After reading the touching story, netizens began to recall similar experiences, one shared,

“I remember a time when my mom became sick and my dad had to rush her to the hospital. He waited for her condition to stabilize and later he let her wear his shoes. He was barefoot when they got out of the taxi.”

Personally, I feel men who help their partners out deserve praise and not criticism, we know some men feel it is unmanly for a guy to carry their wife’s or girlfriend’s handbag, but in reality, it’s perfectly fine and what’s more, it makes you look like a gentleman!

But it might be a turn-off to some people, but who cares if you’re the one who offered to carry the bag?

Help your girl out (it applies to even your sister, mother, grandmother, auntie, cousin, or friend), if her feet hurt, offer her your shoes, help her carry her bags. I’m telling you these little gestures will get you a lot of love! Women love it when their husband or boyfriend help out without having them ask for it, they like it when you make the first move! So do it today, show her you love her! If the woman is your family member, then you just showed them what kind of a man you’ve become! 

It is true that women should never make men a bag hanger, but if the bag is heavy help a girl out, will ya?

Remember, a little gentleman gesture a day will keep your relationship going!

What’s your take on this? Share it with me in the comments below!

(Source: Next Shark)

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