Breaking News : 10-Month-Old Baby Boy Almost Kidnapped In KL Sentral - "Don't Allow Unknown People To Touch Or Hold Your Kids" - The Coverage

Breaking News : 10-Month-Old Baby Boy Almost Kidnapped In KL Sentral – “Don’t Allow Unknown People To Touch Or Hold Your Kids”

Parents and guardians have to be extra careful these days when they’re bringing little children out because we don’t know who might be lurking at any corner.

There are so many cases of children getting kidnapped by strangers and you should always remain vigilant when a stranger approaches you while you’re with your child.

Recently, a netizen, Nurul Suhada took to Facebook to share her scary experience when she met this woman who she suspected was either part of a syndicate or mentally ill and wanted to kidnap her baby.

Source: Facebook

In her post, she said that the incident happened in KL Sentral at around 2.30 pm on Wednesday, September 5, as she was sending some of her relatives off and she went there with her 10-month-old son.

“I have always read about other people who had the misfortune to meet these people and today, I was traumatized by someone who tried to kidnap my baby boy.

“After we sent my relative off, there was a woman following us from behind but we didn’t take notice until we had finished eating at the food court and made our way downstairs.”

Source: Malaysia Backpackers

“Suddenly, the woman shouted at me and asked me to stop. She also asked me questions like whose baby I was carrying, where I was going and many more.

“I was not suspicious at first and told her that it was my son but then my cousin started to pull me away. When the woman heard that I answer her that it was my son, she started to rage.”

The family started running away from the woman who chased them all the way to the MRT counter. Luckily, they saw an auxiliary police along the way and stopped to ask for help. They told him what happened but before they could finish, the woman started to say that the baby was her lost son.

To prove that the baby was hers, Nurul Suhada pulled out her son’s MyKid and showed it to the police but the other woman started screaming at them, still insisting that the baby was her lost son.

Apparently, she also asked Nurul Suhada many questions about her son, as if trying to prove that it didn’t belong to Nurul Suhada. The auxiliary police tried to calm her down but she was still raving at them and even threw her bag at the police.

“Finally, more auxiliary police members arrived but they could not calm her down so they asked us to run. They formed a barricade to block her from chasing us and we quickly ran to the train counter to get our tickets and leave. She tried to chase us but could not do so and we were so relieved when the train left the station.”

Source: Facebook

Seeing as her ordeal was finally over, Nurul Suhada said that she could finally breathe a sigh of relief. However, she added that she was disappointed because as she was running away from the woman, no one helped her until she saw the auxiliary police.

Nurul Suhada warned parents to be careful as she had learned her lesson to be wary of strangers approaching her kids.

“Don’t allow unknown people to touch or hold your kids even when they are acting friendly, especially not if they want to carry your children. I can’t imagine what would have happened if she had managed to get ahold of my son.”

Source: Facebook

Her post was shared more than 57,000 times and Nurul Suhada also said that she was unsure whether the woman was really part of a kidnapping syndicate or whether she was experiencing some mental health problems.

According to Sinar Harian, Nurul Suhada said it might be a tactic from kidnappers so she wanted to warn other parents about her experience. She said that she received reports that the woman in question has been arrested but she is still traumatized by her experience.

Watch the video below and let us know what are your thoughts on this.


(Source: WOB / Facebook)

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