Breaking News : Grandmaster Tun Mahathir Checkmates Zahid, Najib, Anwar And Istana – Zahid Hamidi & Najib Razak Better Think Carefully About The Next Steps You Are Going To Take

Well it looks like Dr Mahathir is back in the center stage again. Since yesterday I began hearing alternative theories about what is actually going on.

It began with Dr M apologizing for being at that gathering at Dataran Merdeka. He apologized for participating in a gathering that was not following the SOPs. Dr M was basically condemning Brader Anwar for being irresponsible again.

Then this morning the WhatsApps went around suggesting that Dr M’s 4 MPs (Pejuang) plus Warisan’s 8 MPs will support the PM Tan Sri Mahiadin Yasin. Thus neutralising those 11 UMNO MPs who stood with Zahid and Najib to pull out of PN.

This means in one stroke Dr Mahathir has neutralised Najib, Zahid, Tengku Razaleigh and Brader Anwar. Do read on.

Then I received two videos of Dr M speaking at that Dataran Merdeka gathering.

In the first video here you can see Dr M arriving on stage and literally taking over the microphone away from Brader Anwar. Brader Anwar just fades away and stands aside like a wooden dummy.

Actually Dr M does not want Brader Anwar to have any of the limelight at all. Good job. Well done.

Now here is the second video. Listen to Dr M. Immediately after taking over the mike he starts condemning Brader Anwar. Yes that is what he was doing. Listen carefully.

Dr M said it is better to think about the people who are suffering from Covid than to worry about becoming PM.

Dr M says : “nak jadi kerajaan, nak jadi perdana menteri, kalau rakyat mati ribu-ribu pun yang itu tak apa. Apa yang penting “saya jadi perdana menteri” “.

Even a deaf and dumb person will know that the only fellow who is trying all sorts of nonsense to become “saya jadi perdana menteri” is none other than Brader Anwar.

Plainly Dr M is referring to Brader Anwar because only the Brader wants to be PM. This is a direct hit at Brader Anwar from Dr M.

Ok now here is some very interesting mathematics. Someone sent it to me (thank you very much). In Malaysia now, the only mathematical skills required is the ability to count up to 110.

Kedudukan terkini Parlimen :-

1) PN+ (Tan Sri Mahiadin Yasin)

-PPBM 31
-PAS 18
-Star 1
-PBS 1

-Umno bukan Zahid 26
-MCA 2
-MIC 1
-GPS 18
-Bebas 4

Jumlah kerusi Parlimen PN =103 (kurang 8 untuk majoriti mudah =111/220)

2) PH + (Brader Anwar)

-PKR 35
-DAP 42
-Amanah 11
-PSB 2
-Muda 1 (?)
-Bebas 1

Jumlah PH = 92 (kurang 19 untuk majoriti mudah = 111/120)

3) Umno Geng Zahid = 12 (kurang 99 untuk majoriti mudah = 111/120)

4) Tun Dr Mahathir +

  • Pejuang 4
  • Warisan 8
  • Upko 1

Jumlah = 13 (kurang 108 untuk majoriti mudah =111/120)

a) Jika PN+ bergabung dengan Tun M+ = 103 + 13 = 116 boleh bentuk kerajaan.

b) Jika PH+ bergabung dengan Umno Zahid = 92+12 = 104 masih gagal bentuk kerajaan.

Kini Jelas kem Tun M+ adalah “king maker” dan kem ini anti #klustermahkamah dan anti banduan liw_t.

My comments :

In his latest media statement (just now at 12.30 PM) the PM has said that the YDP Agong called him for an audience. The issue was whether the PM controls the majority in Parliament.

To which the Prime Minister has given the Agong a brilliant reply.

Since there are no more Emergency Regulations we are back to being a full fledged Parliamentary democracy.

As such the next already scheduled and agreed session of Parliament is in September 2021. The Prime Minister has assured the YDP Agong that when Parliament convenes in September 2021 a Vote of Confidence will be held in Parliament to prove that the PM indeed has the support of the majority.

In other words Malaysia is now back to being a functioning Parliamentary democracy where only Parliament can decide who shall be the Prime Minister.

So lets all wait patiently until September 2021 for the Vote of Confidence. It is 27 days away to September 1st, 2021.

Conclusion :

Looking at the numbers above my advice to Zahid Hamidi and Najib Razak is to think carefully about the next steps you are going to take.

I hope Najib will recall the advice that I gave him earlier. It is never too late to change your pleas. There are so many charges against you.

The deed has been done bro. You cannot change your past. But you can have some influence on what happens in your future.

12 years jail is a very long time. You are now 68 years old. 68 plus 12 equals = 80 years !!

Believe me bro, you are just not built for prison life. You wont make it out alive.

The DAP has some thinking to do as well. There are other options. Work together lah.
This is Malaysia. Semua boleh.

Source : Outsyed The Box

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