Breaking News : Malacca Famous Capitol Satay Celup Will Be Closing Down In 2 Months After 30 Years In Business

Just recently, news of several favourite eateries in Klang Valley have bid farewell. Today, the sad news continues on with this popular tourist spot in Malacca for sumptuous and iconic satay celup announcing that it will too be closing its doors soon.

30-Year-Old Capitol Satay Celup In Malacca Will Be Closing Down Soon

According to a FB post on Capitol Satay Celup, they announced that they will be shutting down the 30-year-old shop within two months time. Even so, they are will still be opened for dine-in for these last two months with strict SOPs in place. They also thanked visitors for their support throughout the years.

According to China Press, the owners have made the tough call to shut down due to the pandemic. Other factors that played into it was the increase in price of the ingredients as well as rent. It is hard for them to cover the costs now, especially with incredibly less customers due to the interstate travel ban still in place.

The current famous spot that Capitol Satay Celup is known for had started operating 30 years ago. Before that, the owner had operated from a tricycle where he would go around selling satay celup in the neighbourhood. Since then, Capitol Satay Celup has been a popular spot, especially for tourists from all over Malaysia. Some might even drive down from KL for a late night satay celup supper.

If you have not visited, Capitol Satay Celup is well-known for their satay celup/satay lok lok. You will first pick out your favourite ingredients from their fridge. And then comes the important part, the piping hot dipping sauce that will continuously simmer in front of you. At Capitol, their secret house-made sauce of peanut and spices really hits the spot every time!

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