Breaking News : Malaysian Man Reports He Was Jabbed With ’Empty Syringe’ Vaccine For Second Dose – Empty Jab !

A man has lodged a police report to complain about being vaccinated with an “empty syringe” at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium vaccination centre two days ago.

Ling Kwang Chun, 33, told FMT the process took less than 20 seconds from the time he scanned the vaccination code at the booth.

“I felt the needle in my arm but noticed that the black piston did not move the entire time,” he said. The worker did not show him the syringe before and after the vaccination process, unlike the first time.

Ling said he had later informed staff at the centre that he was sure that he had received an “empty jab” as he did not see any movement of the syringe piston.

“They told me it was usually like that. I was stunned, because they should have alerted the other staff and helped me double check,” he told FMT.

He said he did not take pictures or record any videos as there was a sign that warned vaccine recipients against using their cameras.

Ling said he had gone to the centre at 5.30pm on July 17 to receive the second dose of the Sinovac vaccine.

The process was much faster compared to the earlier appointment, as he could skip the consultation process and head straight to the vaccination booth. There, the healthcare worker immediately instructed him to scan his vaccination code before lifting up his sleeves and sanitising his arm.

The worker did not show him the syringe before and after the vaccination, unlike the previous occasion, he said.

Ling also said his arm did not feel sore when he went home and he did not feel any side effects. This drove him to lodge a report at the Brickfields district police station.

“After that, I got a call asking me to go to the Cheras police station to do a detailed report. It took three hours and I repeated everything to the inspector there, who told me he will check on this case.”

Ling said it was unfair for certain healthcare workers to give vaccine recipients false hope that they had been fully vaccinated. The implications of skipping the second dose would be akin to murder, he said. “If we are under-dosed, our death rate could be very high later on.”

FMT has asked for a response from the Covid-19 Immunisation Task Force, which is under the science, technology and innovation ministry.

Earlier today, CITF said it had taken disciplinary action against a healthcare worker for not injecting the vaccine dose into a recipient’s arm at a drive-through vaccination in Kedah.

The incident, which was caught on video, happened on July 17 at the Sungai Petani air base vaccination centre for armed forces personnel and family members.

CITF said it was also investigating two separate claims of empty syringes during vaccinations at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre and the Bangi Avenue Convention Centre over the weekend.

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