Breaking News : Tun Mahathir Declared He Will Switch Coalitions If Amanah , DAP and PKR 'Belot' – Tukar Parti Jika Pakatan Belot

Mahathir Team , Media , IGP , Party , Lawyer & Advisers Is Strategically Abandoning Azmin Ali – Tun Daim Said “Azmin Sudah Habis & Tidak Boleh Dipakai”

“We are mobile and we are fixed,” said the Bersatu and Pakatan Harapan chairman as he defended Bersatu’s admission of six Umno MPs into its fold.

Breaking News : Here Are The List of 101 MPs That Is Supporting Anwar Ibrahim & Wants Tun Mahathir To Resign DR Mahathir Mohamad sedia bertukar haluan sekali lagi jika haluan Amanah dan DAP terpesong dari kepentingan negara.

Anwar Ready to Meet Agong With Enough MP Statutory Declarations Signed – Tun M Planned to Dissolve Parliament Than Give the Position to Anwar

“Kita boleh berubah (mobile) dan bukannya tetap,” kata pengerusi Bersatu dan Pakatan Harapan itu sambil mempertahankan kemasukan tujuh ahli Parlimen bekas Umno ke dalam partinya.

Do Azmin Ali & Family Have RM 300 Millions Stashed Overseas & 2 London Apartments Worth RM100 Million Bought With Cash ?

Tun Mahathir : I Was Convinced That Anwar Was Not Qualified To Lead The Country – His Character Does Not Qualify Him to Become PM

Tun Daim Zainuddin : Anwar Is Not The Right Candidate To Be PM – He Will Mess Up The Country

Tun Daim : You Should Not Waste News Space On Anwar – His Time Had Come And Gone !

READ ALSO  Serena Mukhriz Mahathir Slam Anti-Icerd Rally Participants : “ Disgusting & Extremely Disappointing To See How People In My Own Race Can Be So Hateful , Discriminating And Be Such Bullies”
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