Businessman's BMW Sustain Three Gun Shot After Stopping At Traffic Light In Seremban - The Coverage

Businessman’s BMW Sustain Three Gun Shot After Stopping At Traffic Light In Seremban

What? Is it that easy to obtain a gun these days? What are our Malaysian police doing?

On April 21, a 46-year-old businessman had pulled over at a traffic light in his white BMW at 6.30 pm when a motorcyclist armed with a pistol fired three shots at the rear passenger car door.

Luckily, the businessman was driving alone and no one was sitting in the back seat of his car during the shocking incident that happened at Jalan Rasah, Seremban.

District police chief ACP Thiew Hock Poh said,

“When he stopped at the traffic light, he heard a few explosion sounds coming from the back of his car. He then saw a man wearing a black jacket and helmet holding an object believed to be a pistol.”

Source: SinChew

According to Utusan, at the time of the shooting, it was raining and the shooter fled the scene right after. The victim then proceeded to the Seremban police station to lodge a police report.

It is learned that the businessman specializes in importing and selling lorries, and his business is prospering. Therefore, he reckoned that someone might be jealous of his success and hired the gunman to murder him.

He added that he has no enemies and never offended anyone. In fact, ever since his business took off, he has been sponsoring charitable events as well.

The police are looking into the case from various angles and it will be investigated under Section 3 of Firearms (increased penalties) 1971.

Source: SinChew

We hope the authorities can intensify their efforts in flushing out the party that is providing guns to these hitmen as shooting cases are becoming more common in Malaysia. Everyone’s lives are at stake if these hitmen continue to have guns in their possession! 

(Source: WOB / Sinchew)

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