Man Caught Filming Woman Bathing in Petaling Jaya - The Coverage

Man Caught Filming Woman Bathing in Petaling Jaya


According to the Rakyat Post , a 40-year-old man’s attempt to record a woman bathing through her bathroom’s window at her condominium in Petaling Jaya on Sunday was foiled when she realized there was a mobile phone poking through her bathroom’s window while she was coming out of the shower.

When she realized she was being recorded, she screamed, shocking the suspect, making him drop his phone by accident on her bathroom window’s steel rail. He tried to retrieve the phone but couldn’t reach it and dashed away in a state of panic.

“The incident occurred about 12.03am on Nov 1 when the victim was in the bathroom before realising there was a mobile phone on the window.”

Petaling Jaya police chief Asst Commissioner Zaini Che Din said the suspect was tracked and brought in for questioning the following day (Monday) at his home in section 12, based on an image of his identity card, which was found in the gallery of the mobile phone.

According to Zaini however, the suspect claimed that he had lost his mobile phone at the scene while visiting his friend who also happened to stay at the same condominium as the victim, but did not lodge a police report about the loss.

His alibi was ridiculously see-through. I mean come one, you lost your phone but it magically reappeared on the bathroom window of a woman who was bathing at the moment?

Did someone pick up his lost phone from the floor and suddenly decided he fancied spying on women bathing and went ahead to use the mobile phone to record one of the women bathing?


The suspect was remanded for four days from today, and the evidence has been seized and sent to the forensics department for analysis, he said.

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