CAREFUL : Man Hid In Drain for 5 hours To Peep Up Skirts - The Coverage

CAREFUL : Man Hid In Drain for 5 hours To Peep Up Skirts

Pic Source : Free Malaysia Today

Pic Source : Free Malaysia Today

A man in Japan who allegedly hid in a drain for five hours, had his perverted intentions foiled when passers-by spotted his hair sticking out of a grate, said police.


According to reports, 28-year-old Yasuomi Hirai, squeezed himself into a section of a gutter that was 28 centimeters (11inches) wide, with his head under a piece of iron grating.

The incident took place in the port city August, but police said that the man’s arrest on Monday came after a lengthy and in-depth investigation.

The police did not give away too much details but Sports Hochi reported that the man kept himself hidden in the small space for about five hours, holding a smart phone to take up skirt photos of women that walked over the grate.

Local reports say that it was not the first time Yasuomi  Hirai has been arrested for this offense, which violated a local ordinance preventing nuisance acts. He was nabbed some time, two years ago after squeezing himself into a gutter allegedly for the same purpose, Sports Hochi said.

Yasuomi  Hirai even reportedly told police at the time of his interrogation that he wanted to be reborn as a pavement in the next life.

Peculiar offences involving the harassment of women such as this are frequently reported in Japan. In 2012, a group high school girls from a small neighborhood reported to police that they were tackled to the ground by a man who stole their socks.

Japan is a weird place.

Sources : Tribune 

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