China To Implement Chinese Card For Malaysian Born Chinese

“No matter where the Chinese people are, China will always be their “maternal home””. – President Xi Jinping

China to implement “Chinese Card” for overseas born Chinese including those from South East Asia.

South East Asia has the world largest overseas born Chinese. This is going to draw millions Chinese in South East Asia especially those from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, India, Mauritius, Vietnam migrate back to China.


150 to 80 years ago, 1.5 million Hakka Chinese left Songkou River Town going to Shantou en-route to South East Asia.

Plan now is to build an Overseas Chinese Township between Meizhou City and Songkou. Meizhou City is same population to Georgetown but the district of Meizhou is 4 times larger than Singapore, so plenty of space to develop.

It is expected to attract million overseas Chinese migrate to this Overseas Chinese Town.

Private schools and a Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia Food Street are part of the project in historical Songkou River Town. This Food Street is similar to the one on Sentosa Island of Singapore developed by Genting Berhad.

It is expected that Malaysian Chinese Developers will flock to that area to develop that designated area later. Short winter, low crime rate, low murder rate, low road accident, zero discrimination, least air pollution are attracting overseas born Chinese especially those from South East Asia.

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