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‘China’s First Rooftop Daredevil’ Falls to Death Hours Before Proposing to Girlfriend

Wu Yongning, a Chinese daredevil known for scaling skyscrapers without safety equipment and self-proclaimed “China’s first rooftopper” fell to death while attempting to take an astonishing selfie of himself hanging by the ledge on the 62nd floor of Huayuan Centre, Changsha, China.

The incident happened on November 8th, where Wu took part in a rooftopping feat to win RM61,000 in prize money to fund his wedding and treatment for his sick mother, the South China Post reported.

Wu Yongning daredevil
Source: abc

The 26-year-old’s step-uncle told Beijing News that Wu was planning to propose to his girlfriend after finish filming the challenge and the money would also be used to pay medical bills for his mother treatment.

Wu Yongning daredevil fall to death
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In the 3 minutes and 52 seconds video where it captured his final moment, we saw Wu was preparing his challenge by the ledge of the highest floor of Huayuan Centre. He was seen wiping the surface of the ledge with a red cloth to ensure a firm grip. He was also seen wiping his hands on his pants repeatedly.

Wu Yongning daredevil fall to death 2

In his first try, he held himself with both hands and one leg by the ledge before letting both legs to hang in the air. Seven seconds later, he climbed back up for unknown reasons. He was then seen wiping his hands on his pants repeatedly again and used his clothed part of his long sleeve to wipe the ledge.

Wu Yongning daredevil fall to death 3

He went down for his second try but after 43 seconds of hanging and struggling to get back up, he lost his grip and fell. You may watch the video here but note that the video may be disturbing.

USA Today wrote that it has remained unclear who sponsored and organized the challenge to scale Changsha’s Huayuan Hua Centre without safety equipment.

Wu Yongning daredevil
Source: The Times

The news of Wu’s death was only publicized late last week. Before this, fans were curious about Wu’s inactivity on social media as he had a huge following on Meipei with 243,000 followers and almost 60,000 followers on Weibo.

Wu’s fans started to doubt that something misfortunate might have happened due to his inactivity.

The late daredevil had posted nearly 300 videos about his stunts and challenges.

Source: USA Today

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