Chinese Population May Drop Below 20% By 2030 : Bangla May Overtake Malaysian Chinese Population As 2nd Biggest Race In Malaysia

This report on declining Chinese population ratio in Malaysia, peppered with a warning that this ethnic group may slide to the third spot in terms of number and percentage in the country, immediately triggered the alarm.

It warned that this development would have far reaching implications for the Chinese community on the political, education and economic fronts.

This high profile association and other clans reiterated their calls to the local ethnic Chinese to give birth to more babies.

To recap, a report in Sin Chew Daily on Feb 14 stated that by 2030, the numbers of Chinese – the second largest ethnic group after the Malays in Malaysia – would drop to third place after the bumiputra and foreign migrant workers.

A huge fall in the birth rate of the Chinese to 1.4 babies per family in 2015 from 7.4 in 1957 and a sharp rise in the numbers of foreign workers are now threatening the Chinese’ position as the second largest grouping in Malaysia.

The report, quoting projected data from the Department of Statistics, said the percentage of local ethnic Chinese population would shrink to 19.6% in 2030, from 24.6% in 2010 and 21.4% in 2015.

The Chinese percentage is also projected to fall further to 18.9% in 2035.

In the report, Chief Statistician Datuk Dr Hasan Abdul Rahman was quoted as saying that even though the Chinese population would increase to 7.1 million people in 2040 from 6.6 million now, the percentage compared to the Malays and Indians might decline to 18.4% in 2040.

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Recent news reports put the number of legal foreign migrant workers at 2.2 million, illegal and undocumented workers at four million.

Their total is only slightly less than 6.6 million.

With the Government’s memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Bangladesh to bring in 1.5 million workers over three years (which is now put on hold), there is no need to wait till 2030 to see foreigners overtaking the Chinese’s number in Malaysia.

Source : The Star

Think tank predicts Chinese Malaysian population may drop below 20pc by 2030

Malaysia’s ethnic Chinese will form less than 20 per cent of the total population in just 13 more years if their emigrating trend and low birth rates continues, according to the Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute (Asli).

“If the migration trend continues to 2030, Malaysian Chinese would only account for only 19.6 per cent of the population,” its COO Ng Yeen Seen was quoted saying in an interview with news portal Free Malaysia Today published today.

According to the report, ethnic Chinese was over one-third of the local population in 1957 or 37.2 per cent. The figure fell to 24 per cent or just under a quarter four years ago.

And two years ago, the number of Chinese Malaysians contracted further to 21.4 per cent, just over six million.

Ng reportedly cited a 2011 study by the World Bank and noted “brain drain” was now a serious problem among ethnic Chinese here with almost a million emigrating until 2010. More than half or 57 per cent of this figure quit Malaysia for Singapore.

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She warned that Chinese Malaysians may even be outnumbered by migrant workers, who have been flooding the country in large numbers, by 2030.

Source : Malay Mail

2.1 Millions Bangladeshi To Overtake Indians As 3rd Biggest Race In Malaysia

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