Chinese Most Beautiful Stewardess Performs Oral On Customer During Flight

Stewardess on a Chinese flight had allegedly offered much more service than most customers bargained for.

A photo of a stewardess performing oral sex on a passenger made rounds on Chinese social media Weibo, catching the attention of Chinese netizens!

The lady in question were identified as Miss Liu who allegedly worked at Shenzen Airline. As a stewardess, you were expected to provide a good service to passengers, but who would have thought she is willing to take such an extra mile!

Of course, not everyone was amused by the story, and the airline suffered a backlash for allowing such an incident in-flight! Some commented that they wouldn’t fly with them ever again,

“Better not fly with ShenZhen Airline…”

“That’s why, don’t take night flights LOL”

“This is totally disgusting!”

A flight attendant recently gave new meaning to the description of ‘service with a smile’ that cabin crew are trained in taking care of passengers onboard.

However, extra service which this flight attendant is pictured offering has caused a furor on social media.

A lewd photo showing a Chinese female cabin crew of Shenzhen Airlines who performed oral sex on a passenger, resurfaced again on the internet when it went viral on the social media platform Weibo recently, a local viral news blog reported.

It is understood that the cabin crew has been identified as Liu Ruiqi.

A search online showed that the stewardess is active on Chinese social media channels, frequently sharing selfies and some rather more explicit personal photographs on Weibo, buzzy.ph reports.

The sex act performed openly in what appears to be the aisle inside a passenger aircraft has sparked off strong condemnation among netizens and triggered heated discussion online about the duties and morality of the cabin crew, with many reeling from shock and shame.

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Social media users have been expressing their shock at the shameless public display with some netizens speculating that the cabin crew was paid for the “extra service”.

However, the additional media exposure appears to be a double-edge sword for the airline with its name and logo splashed all over social media but with netizens warning “better not fly with Shenzhen Airlines”.
This isn’t the first time the China airline company has made headlines.

In December, one of its cabin crew was named the world’s most beautiful.

Liu Miaomiao, a Shenzhen Airlines’ stewardess, was named the world’s most beautiful stewardess in a competition held in Shenzhen city, South China’s Guangdong province, in June 2016.

Liu, born in Xi’an city, Northwest China’s Shaanxi province, decided to be a stewardess six years ago.

The three-month orientation training made Liu more aware about her duties. “Besides etiquette training, such as practicing smile by biting the chopsticks, I had to master the dos and don’ts of emergency rescue in case of cabin fire or evacuation, since small mistakes could cause big disasters,” said Liu.

After being promoted to chief attendant in 2014, she began to focus more on challenges and difficulties the daily flying presented.

Once a flight from Beijing got delayed as it did not get clearance for takeoff from the air traffic control due to the heavy traffic rush. When Liu and her colleagues tried to explain the reasons to the passengers, who were already angry at the delay, they lost their temper. But Liu calmed them down with her smile. What made Liu happy was that some passengers apologized to her at the end of the flight.

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Liu said this job makes her feel proud whenever she thinks that someday she might inspire some boys or girls to become flight attendants when they see her professional look in uniform.



  1. n=bigballs

    January 18, 2017 at 02:22

    that would be a good flight she knows good customer service

  2. John Smith

    January 18, 2017 at 03:58

    Sounds like some people are jealous

  3. Excited

    January 18, 2017 at 08:02

    Any uncensored versions?

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