Cold-Hearted Singaporean Man Called His Ex-Girlfriend One Of His “Used Toys” On Facebook - The Coverage

Cold-Hearted Singaporean Man Called His Ex-Girlfriend One Of His “Used Toys” On Facebook

A reckless Singaporean guy called Thomas Chua let loose a raging burn on his ex-girlfriend!

Nyon Mwei, his ex-girlfriend was called a ‘used toy’ by Chua, to which she could only reply in disappointment, that she was ‘just a toy’ to him all this while. Chua ended off his casual remark with a smiley emoji, as if he was more than happy to pass on his ‘toy’ to others.

While the original Facebook post where the argument took place had been taken down, the Internet never forgets. Here’s the screenshot by that went viral


According to goodyfeed, the past lovers had a lengthy fight. Of course, each party was quick to defend themselves. Mwei pointed out how her overly protective boyfriend would restrict her social media conversations and even interactions with friends and family. His silencing caused her to keep all her relationship problems to herself.

Chua was swift in replying that Mwei blamed him for too much for things he did not do, and said that he wanted to maintain a good impression of their relationship to others. It seemed like a case of an abusive relationship where the guy was oppressing the girl, so it was probably best for both parties to have parted ways.

What sets this incident apart from others would be how far the relationship had gone. Apparently, the girl had gone through an abortion after considering her and her then boyfriend’s ability to raise a child.

Netizens were extremely furious with Thomas after reading the post with some showing support for Mwei.

A netizen, Lynn Yana commented: “Don’t be too hard on yourself. You tried to love him, but he is just a scumbag. I believe you are a good person. Stay strong and cheer up.”

Another netizen, Chritz Liew commented: “He doesn’t deserve a woman like you and he doesn’t deserve the care and love from your family too.”

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