Colombian Island Resort Offers 30 Guests Unlimited Drugs, Alcohol, And Sex With 60 Prostitutes

However, they provide a pickup and drop off at an airport in the Caribbean Island. After purchasing their event tickets, guests will be notified which airport to purchase their plane tickets from for November 24. Guests can arrive at any time on that day, but they recommend arriving earlier in the day.
The Good Girls Company explained on social media:

“We will have 60 hot women serving 30 clients; there will be two women for each of them (available) 24 hours a day. The price included all meals these days.”

All meals are included in the ticket price, so you don’t have to worry about getting food! From breakfast, lunch, and dinner, they promised guests will enjoy 5-star meals, and to expect the best steaks, seafood, chicken, soups, salad, and much more!

An itinerary for the holiday tells the prospective tourists that there will be a sex session on the first day in which any guest can participate.
Guests can even enjoy the western version of nyotaimori (body sushi), instead of eating sushi off a naked woman’s body, it looked more like a dessert ‘platter’ spread on the naked body!

On the second day, each client gets to enjoy half an hour with 16 girls at once, while on the third and fourth days, guests get to enjoy parties on a luxury yacht for 100 people, complete with two sexy DJs.

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All of the women are tested and free of any sexual diseases. There is also a strict condom usage policy, and they provide an unlimited amount of condoms to guests.

It is learned that although prostitution is not illegal in Colombia, pimping is still a crime. With their promotion video, they could be facing a lawsuit.
For those who don’t want to spend all their time in the bedroom can enjoy horse riding and golf on the private island!

As of now, there are still 7 tickets left, if you are interested in participating, head over to their official website and fill in your details and make your payment and voila! You’re already halfway there!
I just hope this is not another scam like the Fyre Festival! 
What do you think?
(Source: Mirror)

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