Beware Of Fake Products On Sale – How To Differentiate Genuine Products From Fake Products In Malaysia

Afraid of Fake Products in the Market ? Tips to Differentiate Genuine Products and Fake Products

It is rather usual to find products online that are much cheaper than the usual price. Sometimes sellers even give absolute assurance that their products are genuine but do not be fooled by such claims ! They may very well not be worth the price for you may be penny wise but pound foolish.
Perhaps it is even more devastating to highlight that the proceeds of the sale of counterfeit products are commonly used to fund criminal activities like drugs, bribery, prostitution and even murder?

In Malaysia, it was that the value of sale of counterfeit products last year exceeded RM 8 billion, with RM 5 billion of consisting of smuggled illegal cigarettes .

One of the main reasons for this problem to persist is the lackadaisical attitude of Malaysians in choosing products. Ultimately, the use of counterfeit products has resulted in issues among consumers. We have seen issues such as cosmetic products causing skin irritation, engine oil causing
damage to car engines which basically also caused financial loss among consumers.

Want to avoid contributing to the funding of illicit activities and disappointment on the usage of products? Below are some tips to help you differentiate genuine products and counterfeit products.

Dairy Product

Most genuine dairy products are packaged by machine which results in them having a perfectly cut packaging. Meanwhile counterfeit dairy products could be identified by their logo and colour which slightly differs from the original product.

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Cash Notes

Pay attention to the gold stripe in the cash note. If the gold stripe is brighter, it could be a fake note. In contrast a genuine Ringgit note will have a clearer watermark and have a visible peak box. Besides, the double-lined security thread and the RM ‘ ‘BNM wording of a genuine note would be clearly seen under ample light.

Engine Oil

A genuine Shell engine oil will have the label “Untuk Pasaran Malaysia” which has a unique QR code behind it.


Ensure that the serial number in the box is the same as the tongue of the shoe. The serial number of the left shoe and right shoe should be different.

If it is similar, then the shoe could be fake.

You can also examine the logo of the shoe to ensure that it surfaces. The logos of counterfeit products are usually drawn or pasted.

Cosmetic Products

A counterfeit cosmetic product is of a colour which is usually not in the market. Check with the website of the manufacturer to ensure that a particular exists in their array of products to ensure the authencity of cosmetic products.

Genuine cosmetic products are also usually not accompanied by discounts are unreasonable.

Furthermore, genuine cosmetic products will come with product quality certificates and thus when in doubt, you can always ask the seller to show the certificate.

There are various products in the market which genuineness are doubted, so take caution and be a prudent consumer !

Source : Ikat Tepi

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