[COMMUNITY] Dogs In Seremban Are Being Rescued By Grace Bong The Owner Of MyKebun!!! - The Coverage

[COMMUNITY] Dogs In Seremban Are Being Rescued By Grace Bong The Owner Of MyKebun!!!

Doggies in Seremban, whether stray or abandoned,  are being rescued by Grace Bong, a woman with an angelic heart. She has been saving these furkids for some time now and she has even opened up a shelter called MyKebun.

She doesn’t only run the shelter, Grace also finds a portion of her hectic day to update the public of her rescue stories as well as putting up these lovely doggies for adoption on MyKebun’s Facebook public group.

Grace helps to get these puppies and full grown doggies off the streets and place them in her “kebun”. She even treats their injuries and neuter them when she makes her visit to the vet.  This kind hearted lady keeps them safe in her own made shift shelter till she is able to find a home for the furkids.

Obviously running a shelter for animals all by her own can get a bit taxing on the bank account, hence why The Coverage Malaysia, decided to enlighten our readers of MyKebun and hopefully get to raise the awareness and funds that will help Grace to continue her amazing efforts in keeping the furbabies healthy, clean and well fed.

If you want to adopt a puppy or even to just contribute a little to her shelter, please, don’t be afraid to approach Grace! She is always welcoming anyone who wants to do some volunteering work.

Just recently, students from Inti Nilai paid a visit to the shelter and gave a helping hand. According to Grace’s post on the group, there were 15 of them. Everyone helped to apply ticks medicine for all the furbabies, disinfect the premises, picked up all the rubbish, digging up the land to form a drainage system and even laying cement in one of the dogs’ house for the dogs to have a comfortable surface to sleep on. God bless these teenagers that went out of their way to help Grace and her rescued babies.

It wasn’t all work as the students also took the dogs out for a walk and they had a fun time playing with the dogs.

So, if you are looking for a puppy or a full grown doggy as your companion, do pay a visit at the MyKebun shelter. Who knows if the love of your life is just wagging its tail behind those gates!

More pictures of the community work by the Inti College students:


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