Congratulation : Malaysian Influencer Elecher Lee Successfully Give Birth In Sunway Medical Centre - The Coverage

Congratulation : Malaysian Influencer Elecher Lee Successfully Give Birth In Sunway Medical Centre

Malaysian Influencer Elecher Lee Lee Successfully Give Birth In Sunway Medical Centre On 19 December 2019 ( Thursday ) .

Source : Instagram

On 21 November 2019 , she uploaded a Youtube Video declaring her pregnancy

In 2017 She Shares Her Heart Breaking Story Of Her Miscarriage

Her husband Zia Hau, who is 13 years Elecher’s senior, first popped the question on June 18, 2016, when they were in Japan for a vacation.

Shortly after their wedding, the lovebirds blessed the world with a surprise announcement of their first bundle of joy, Baby M.

However, things took a turn for the worse, nobody, not even the couple were expecting what’s about to happen that will change their lives forever, ours included.

Elecher posted a photo of her laying in a hospital bed with two tubes attached to her right hand on Instagram, shocking the world of what is to unfold. Her caption that accompanied her photo reads,

“It has been the toughest week of my life. I was bleeding heavily and admitted to the Hospital’s High Dependancy Unit (HDU) for 5 days and 4 nights. I was not allowed to eat, to drink, not even to move much. ”

“There was nothing the doctors could do to stop the heavy bleeding that was threatening my life.”

According to Elecher, if the doctors were to surgically remove her baby, it will affect her next pregnancy, and even if they successfully deliver Baby M, he will only have 10% survival chance.

While her baby’s heart is still beating, she is determined to remain strong for her baby.

For three days and nights, she and Baby M hung onto each other on “the fence of death and life” when her baby suddenly forced his way out in order to save his mother’s life.

“A natural birth it was.

“Welcomed to our world baby. With the 5 minutes that he had, he managed to greet his parents for the first time. It was also the last time for him to say bye bye to daddy and mommy.”

After much rest and recovery, Elecher then posted a video on her Youtube on December 30, talking further about her experience and her thoughts on it.

It is learned that she had some pregnancy complications prior to her miscarriage. It all happened one night where she experienced a sharp pain in her heart and stomach, and she couldn’t breathe. Shortly after that, she began bleeding profusely.

At that time, the doctors weren’t able to find out what went wrong, as Elecher has been living a rather healthy life.

When she felt the baby forcing its way out, she held on until her husband arrived the delivery room.

The moment when Baby M returned to his maker, she kept asking God “what did I do to deserve this?” But she started to accept her fate as she believes that her baby is in a better place and taken care of by God.

Baby M whose sacrifice and bravery will be remembered fondly by each and every one of us.

Elecher and Zia Hau’s unwavering faith has restored the humanity in all of us, and from the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank the couple for teaching us to always look at the silver linings in life.

We pray that Elecher can stay strong in this hardest time, God will take good care of Baby M while he waits for his daddy and mommy to join him in heaven.

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