Cosmetic Surgery On Pet Arowana Fishes Is The Next Big Thing As Singaporeans Are Paying Up To RM357 For It - The Coverage

Cosmetic Surgery On Pet Arowana Fishes Is The Next Big Thing As Singaporeans Are Paying Up To RM357 For It

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Just like any other pet owners, Singaporeans love their pet Arowana fishes too, they love them so much so that they’re willing to put them under the knife for a cosmetic surgery.

According to Today Online, the cosmetic surgeries for pet fishes have become more and more popular in the city-state.

One of the more well-known cosmetic surgeons for Asian Arowana fish in the country, Ng, told the English daily that the procedures actually “beautifies” the fish instead of harming it, although some might find the idea of fish cosmetic surgery cruel and peculiar.

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Ng, who is also known as Dr. Ark to his clients said,

“I know some people think it’s cruel to the fish. But really I’m doing it a favour because now the fish looks better and its owner will love it even more.”

Giving a fish an eyelift is one of the most popular procedures at Ng’s clinic. It involves loosening the tissues behind the fish’s eye and pushing the eyeball up into the socket.

It is learned that the cost of an eyelift can run up to SGD117.71 (RM347) and the price for a chin job starts at SGD78.47 (RM231.50).

While forking out that much of money for a fish cosmetic surgery may sound absurd to most people, but these Asian Arowana fish owners don’t share the same sentiment because if they can afford to pay thousands for a fish, what’s a few hundred ringgit for a quick fix?

If you didn’t know, Asian Arowana is known as the “dragon fish” in Chinese, it has also been reigning as one of the world’s most expensive aquarium fishes for decades, with its selling price ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

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Asian Arowana is often regarded as a status of wealth and prosperity. Chinese businessmen in particular prize the fish. With its large glimmering scales, sage-like whiskers and aggressive personality, it is a resemblance of the mythical Chinese dragon.

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Executive chairman of Qian Hu Fish, one of the top Arowana breeders in Singapore, Kenny Yap, was quoted as saying,

“For Chinese, keeping fish is about bringing good luck and wealth, and the Asian Arowana are especially lucky.”

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(Source: Says)

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