Could This Be The Harsh Truth Of What Malaysia Will Become Tomorrow?!! - The Next Zimbabwe ? - The Coverage

Could This Be The Harsh Truth Of What Malaysia Will Become Tomorrow?!! – The Next Zimbabwe ?

One of the Oh My Media writers, shared his own personal view of what he thinks will become of Malaysia in the near future and I must say, I am having a hard time disagreeing with his point of view. It is scary to know that instead of moving forward we are just taking a hundred to a thousand steps back each day.

This is what he had to say ( translation from BM to English):

What I am writing below is based on the experience that I went through for 20 years in Zimbabwe. Perhaps many shortcomings in terms of ‘facts and figures’ but of what is applicable here, a lot of similarities with what is done by the Chinese empire against Zimbabwe through their Government-Linked Companies.

This is something that is no longer impossible as it is the same in our country. Na’uzubillah.

China has long been “whitewash” in various infrastructure projects in Zimbabwe since 1980 with a total value of USD 5 billion (RM 22,265,000,000.00.)

Among the dozens of Chinese projects in Zimbabwe that caught my attention, one of it was in 2012, in which China “helped” to repair the railroads in Zimbabwe.

After 4 years of the railway project, today, China has been successfully controlling 80% of the economy and the administration sector of the country and turned Zimbabwe into its very own colony on the African continent.

More recently, even the Yuan currency has been used as the official currency in Zimbabwe when China excluded payment behind debts of $ 40 million to the country.

It turns out a new form of colonialism need no longer to be by the force of soldiers, but to conquest, any part of the world economy is to just grab hold of a weak state that has problems managing their own economy. Zimbabweans are forced to bear the consequences of the mistakes and weaknesses of their kingdom’s administration led by Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

God forbids, that one day Malaysia will become like Zimbabwe. But from what is prevailing now, the same disasters are bound to hit us, if we do not take Zimbabwe as an example and learn from their mistake.

Zimbabwe is the only country in the modern world, that does not have their own currency. Zimbabwe is a Multiple Currencies Economy country since 2003 where the US Dollar is a denominator. The worst part is, not only the unacceptable by neighbouring countries, the Zim $ is not even desired by the Zimbabwean itself.

When China devoted themselves to invest in a new airfield,  fix highways, the new city-style that looks and feels like China even have a China township called the  Little Beijing in Harare. Zimbabwe Chinese population across approximately 80-90 thousand people. Almost the same as the ‘born and bred whites’ in the country.

Chinese People working in Zimbabwe and the local people who work with the reputable China pays their employees using Renminbi or Yuan. There are also gold and metals of the locals paid using Renminbi and sometimes paid using goods made in China home appliances that have inferior quality.

70% of the Zimbabwean people are composed of peasant or farmers. They have had enough with ‘what is right’ and ‘what is wrong’ actions committed by their kingdom. When it was time to vote, they just voted. What they really need is enough water is not Mugabe.

They will enjoy a ‘bumper harvest year’ in June if the country had received sufficient rain in January. It is not that they do not know the tyranny of Mugabe that cause this spoils to the country, but they are at the stage where they are too hateful towards it, that they plan to just let it be.

Don’t laugh at me. What I experienced from 1995 till present in Zimbabwe for  20 years, is exactly what is happening in our country.

Our country is berserk. If 1MDB is not resolved we will become the prey America. Today, what is Najib trying to do is “try out of the mouth Crocodiles (American) by using the power of the Dragon (China)”.

The arguments that our country has many valid trace Zimbabwe and much more will take effect in the near future.


When bank chains were closed, money changers will follow, and foreign currencies like the USD will be difficult to be found. The black market that is taboo to the Bank Negara will appear.

Our country’s budget is one of the examples of fraud, which is often happening in Zimbabwe.

Interestingly even now the government is pulling up the subsidies which led to the increase of many home appliances.

It is not impossible that Felda will be owned by China once they buy over the FGV share and start trading palm oil with Renminbi.

Soon 1Msia shops will be filled with goodies made in China where quality are at sub-par.

Is this what we really want? However, it’s too late…you will never be able to make a change!

If what this guy said is true, then we are pretty much doomed! Seriously, why is our government doing this to not only us but to themselves as well?!

Even though he said it was impossible to make the change now, I’m pretty sure that there are ways to work things out, still. Let’s keep our hopes up and do whatever we can to not let this happen!



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