Country Is Not Out Of Danger Yet : Citizens of Malaysia You Must Make A Stand - Some People Are Trying To Steal Your Victory - The Coverage

Country Is Not Out Of Danger Yet : Citizens of Malaysia You Must Make A Stand – Some People Are Trying To Steal Your Victory

Folks I just heard some really worrying news. That fellow is going around the country whispering into the ears of the gullible but influential that Najib was a victim of Tun Dr Mahathir’s greed and lust for power. They are listening to him because he is promising them things that Tun Dr Mahathir will not give them.

We faced delays and problems appointing the first few Cabinet Ministers. The same fellow had strongly objected to the appointment of Lim Guan Eng as the Minister of Finance. DAP members please take note.

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Then there were delays in the swearing in of Tun Dr Mahathir as Prime Minister.

The Government CANNOT begin fully functioning until a few more things are in place:

1. The rest of the Cabinet must be agreed upon. Then they must be sworn in.

This is also facing delays. Someone wants to see the list of suggested Cabinet Ministers and pick and choose who he wants – which is NOT part of our Constitutional process. He wants to veto names that he does not like.

There are NO provisions in the Federal Constitution for anyone else other than the Prime Minister to choose a Cabinet.

2. Key government appointments must be made like the Attorney General, the Ketua Setiausaha Negara (KSN) and other important Civil Service appointments. The same person also wants to have veto power over these appointments as well. This is really ridiculous. This is purely the prerogative of the Prime Minister.

3. The Parliament must begin its session soon so that we can pass Bills and new Laws, abolish old Laws and get on with the management of the country. No Parliament no country folks. The new Parliament must begin its first session.

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Ok folks, here is today’s shocker.

There seems to be some serious issue developing between the Government and another party over the appointment of the Attorney General.

There is a very strong rumour (which I heard from very strong people) that our Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed has already shortlisted ONE candidate as the new Attorney General.

The candidate is said to be a non Muslim, male Indian. He is said to be an expert on the Federal Constitution. No it is not Sri Ram.

However the appointment is being objected to on exactly the same grounds – that the candidate is a non Malay and non Muslim. The candidate for AG is a Christian.

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There is nothing in the Federal Constitution which says that non Malays and non Muslims cannot be appointed as the Attorney General.

More importantly it is accepted convention that the Prime Minister runs the affairs of the nation. The appointment of the Cabinet and the major Civil Service appointments are at the sole discretion of the Prime Minister. No one else.

1. There is also talk that the role of the AG will be restructured. This is part of the institutional reforms that need to be done. One suggestion is that the AG be confirmed by Parliament via confirmation hearings. Meaning the AG is actually appointed by Parliament and the AG will also be required to report publicly to Parliament on a periodic basis (say twice a year).

2. The AG’s role may also be redefined in that the AG does not prosecute cases anymore. There will be a separate and independent position of Public Prosecutor, who will actually prosecute cases in Court. The AG will focus on other administrative and legal issues.

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But ALL THESE REFORMS can only be undertaken AFTER a new AG has been appointed.

It is also rumoured that the new AG (the non Muslim, male Indian lawyer) will be on a strict TWO YEAR contract.

Over the TWO YEARS his job is to focus on achieving 1 and 2 above, ie the institutional reform of the Attorney General’s Chambers.

Some people are afraid that if these institutional reforms are undertaken it will erode their power to play hanky panky with the AG’s Chambers – exactly like what happened with Super Moron and the moronic AG that he appointed as his pet monkey.

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Folks, akhir kalam, the Prime Minister is an elected representative of the people. The Prime Minister represents the will of the rakyat. Any attempt to delay or frustrate the PM from carrying out his responsibilities and obligations towards the rakyat will have serious consequences.

Usually the will of the rakyat always wins. Those who go against the will of the rakyat will lose.

So to the people of Malaysia, the citizens of Malaysia who stood for hours queuing up to cast your vote – please listen up.

We all queued patiently in the sun and rain to vote for change.  That change has happened.

Through a fantastic expression of our will we have overthrown a corrupt and useless bunch of monkeys. Power is now back with us the people.

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The people are supreme. And our democratic process makes sure that we the people have legitimate claim to be supreme over our own fate. No one else.

Well, it looks like some people are thinking that they can take our power away from us.

Through ignorance, scheming and disguise they wish to usurp the people’s power.

The slimy back door types are helping them in this process.

If this rumour I heard is true, then over the next few days this “impasse” will most likely come out into the open. There is going to be a crisis.

If such an event comes to pass, let us all stand behind our Prime Minister.

Not just because our Prime Minister happens to be Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed but more importantly because we must uphold the Federal Constitution and the Rule of Law in this country.

If we do not stand up very firmly for our rights now, then they are going to trample all over us again. And again.

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Syed Akhbar Ali 

Advisory Panel – Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission, businessman, property developer, author (three books todate), company director, newspaper columnist, NEAC economic consultant and banker. Also less erratic TV appearances and political analyst. Main interest: Malaysian peoples’ scientific, industrial, economic and social advancement. Everything else is disposable.’

Source : Syed Akhbar Ali

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