Couple Have Sex In The Balcony Located Near The President's Home In Singapore - The Coverage

Couple Have Sex In The Balcony Located Near The President’s Home In Singapore

Okay, yes we do know that using different locations for sex is thrilling and fun but it’s definitely a NO-NO in Singapore or even Malaysia. It’s a little too much for people to witness something like that in public, it’s not only disrespectful but also bad for kids that are passing by.

This time it a couple was having their sexy time in the balcony that was locate near Singapore’s newly selected Prime Minister’s home. “Not even her presence enhanced security measures in the estate it seems,”said a local media in Singapore.


The couple were being recorded on camera in a sexual act at the balcony of a block in Yishun Avenue. The video was recorded by a driver that was dropping a passenger of in the area, when he came across and saw what was happening.


In the video, it showed the male sitting down while the sexual act is being performed on him whereas the female companion had already taken off her top and underwear. Opps! 

There was also a second video, which shows the man standing up with his shirt and pants removed as the duo continued on with the lewd activity, as reported by Stomp media.

The incident took place on the 17th of September, about 4am. This location was said to be a mere 50 to 78 metres away from President Halimah’s block, which is also equivalent to a one-minute walk from police presence that is set up nearby.

Source: Stomp

 The couple was said to be in their early 20s. But they were not arrested yet.


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